Monday, January 31, 2011

Something unique you love about your significant other.

A few weeks ago Mama Kats writing workshop topic was Something unique you love about your significant other. Well this is what I think.

I love my husband very, very much, and I must say that he is one Unique individual.  My husband is one in a billion.  I can garentee that you that you will never find anyone exactly like him.  He's a Jack of all Trades, he is Farm-boy to the core and is Full Blooded REDNECK!

He can fix almost anything, and is the hardest working person that I have ever known. He supports his family and never tries to let us down.  He's the man of my Dreams for now and forever.  

What I think is unique about him is that he can do anything but two things.  What two things can't he do.  

Well first he can't win at  UNO.  No matter how he tries he never wins. 

2nd he hates technology-yep the one thing that I love most.  Although he doesn't get the countless hours I spend blogging, tweeting, or updating my Facebook status, I love that he is simple and technology has not changed him in anyway, shape or form.  He has no idea who posted, tweeted or blogged about who, what, where,when or why.  Unless that person actually called him on the phone and told him what happened.  He is pretty much clueless about anything unless it has a motor, involves farming or fixing, carpentry or involves hard labor.  

He's one in a billion and thats what I think is unique about him.  

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  1. LOL! Sounds similar to my husband except for the fact that he's super techie.... he owns his own computer repair business.