Friday, December 30, 2011

Teenagers...let the worrying begin!

I knew it wouldn't belong before my son would start to experiment with his new found 16 year old freedom and quite frankly am happy that he waited as long as he has before he put his no curfew limit to the test.  

Last night I woke up at Midnight and realized that my son was not yet home.  For the last few months he has been pretty good at getting in by midnight.  I went to my cell phone to check to see if he had sent me a text but there was nothing there, so the panic started to set in.  Was he ok, was he still at a girls house, was he in the ditch somewhere, was he out in a field at a party, had he been in an accident? These are the thoughts that run through my head and I was immediately awake.  So what do I do? Do I text him to see if he is ok, or do I just wait because I don't want him to think that I'm checking up on him or don't trust him? UGG! a Mother Dilemma! On one hand I wanted to know that he was ok and on the other hand I had to trust that he was ok.  I forced myself to go back to bed and I went without my cell phone and trusted that he was ok.  I thought, well he is just having fun and lost track of time and then my mind started to wonder again, oh my he is at a girls house, with a girl that he likes and what are they doing, I know what I was doing at age 16 and then the panic set in! AUGH!!! My hair turned completely grey!!!

I tossed and turned and listened for the garage door to open.  I must have fallen asleep and then was awakened by the light in the basement! I saw him walk by the living-room-he didn't see me but my heart started to beat regularly now. My baby boy was home, safe and sound and alright.  All was well and everyone was safe and sound!

The next morning I woke up and went to my computer as normal, looked at my email and went to Facebook to see what went on while I was asleep to find this on my son's profile 
 in my news feeds !!!! We'll save the new Girlfriend for another post!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Toxic Friend

Do you have friends in your life that constantly bring you down? No matter what you do for them or what you don't do for them it is never good enough. 

I'm sure everyone has one of these friends.  I know I do and I have been told that I should just exclude them from my life, but I can't.  No matter how much they hurt me its just not in 
my nature to hurt someone in that way.  Yes, I'm a sucker and wear my heart on my sleeve and emotions on my shoulders. I usually get hurt and people take advantage of my caring and forgiving nature.  I guess I would rather it be me that gets hurt then even letting that person know how much they have hurt me.  

I need to learn to be tuff and not let my friend put me down or think they are better then I am.  The more I hear it the more I start to believe it and then I get stuck into this route, where I think I totally suck and can't do anything right.  When I reach this low my Evil Twin usually pulls me back out of this pit by telling me how awesome I am and how I can do anything and points out all the great things I have accomplished.  I'm very blessed to have my Evil Twin in my life without her I could not get through most every day.  

But back to the "Toxic Friend" I truly don't think the friend knows what they are doing to hurt me and are just selfish, self-centered and don't know any-better and unlike me they can't put themselves first and not care who they hurt in the process of building themselves their own empire.  Or maybe I just expect to much from my friends.  I would think that whatever I would do for my friend they would do for me in return.  Is that to much to ask? Is that not what a friend is for?

This summer I was not a good friend to a toxic friend and deiced that they could handle the situation that they were in without me.  In doing so it made them closer to their family and in turn turned them away from me.  I did this for a reason and the reason was to save my friends marriage. Hoping that they would turn to one another and find comfort in each other.  This friend has always counted on me and this time it was just not possible for me to be there for them and they were forced to turn to each other for comfort.  I'm happy that they are still together but sad that I hurt my friend, for it was not my intention.  

As I look back on this situation I'm not mad at myself for how I handled the situation only sad that my friend did not see what I was doing to help them.  

I still try and help as much as I can and I try and communicate and reach out to my friend as much as I can.  I love my friend very, very much and hope that they understand why I did what I did and can find it in their heart to not be so cold hearted and selfish and realize everything I have done for them and let me back into their life.  

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome to the 62nd edition of "Meet Me On Monday!"


1.Wrapping paper or gift bags?

-I hate to wrap, so if it will fit into a bag thats what I do. If I must wrap it looks like a kindergartner did it!

2.Real or artificial tree?

-Real, if we have one. Having a Christmas tree is usually a fight at our house. Our new tradition is to go somewhere for Christmas and our point of view is if were not going to be home to enjoy it why go threw the hassle of putting it up.  BTW-if there is one that goes up I am totally in-charge of it from start to finish. So another reason why not to have a tree. Plus if the place that we are going to does not have a tree, we bring my grandparents tree with and decorate it.  

3.When do you put your tree up?

-If I put one up, its usually the day after Thanksgiving, or if we put up my grandparents then its the first night of vacation. 

4.When do you take your tree down?

-The week after Christmas.

5.Do you like eggnog?


6.Do you have a nativity scene?

-Yes, I have 2 of them.  One is from my Great Grandmother. I used to play with it when I was a child and she gave it to me before she passed away.  The other my mother made for me.

7.Favorite Christmas Movie?

-Oh thats a toss up between "How the Grinch stole Christmas" and "A Christmas Carol" (the original one, not in color)

8.Favorite Christmas cookie?


9.Where will you eat Christmas dinner?

-With my parents on Christmas eve.

10.Angel, bow or star on top of your tree?

-We currently have a Star. Its my sons and when he moves out he will take it with him and I will get to pick something new.  When I was born, my Dad picked this really weird orb thing and it was on top of our tree until my son picked out his star.  

11.Most annoying thing about this time of the year?

-Stress, the constant reminder that you need to buy presents, and candy and cards and all that other stuff that goes with it.  I wish Christmas would go back to the way things used to be.  The true meaning of Christmas is getting to spend time with the family.

12.Do you like Fruitcake?

-HeDoubleHockeySticks NO!!!

13.What are you most excited about the holidays?

-Getting to spend time with my family, and the week after spending as much time as I can with my son.

14.Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

-Christmas Eve with my parents and Christmas day with my Family.

15.Will you still be wrapping presents on Christmas Eve? 

-Hopefully not!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What this glass means to me....

When I look at this glass it brings tears to my eyes. Tears of sorrow, tears of joy and tears of years of remembering.  Some of you may look at this glass and wonder why in the HEdoublehockeysticks is she so emotional over a stupid 1982 Limited Edition Pizza Hut ET Glass.  Well let me explain.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.  I was 9 and I was out garage sailing with my grandma (mom-mom) like I would do every Thursday from about June-September, when we found this glass that I just had to have. I asked my grandma if I could buy it and I she told me “ Carrey, why do you want this glass, its just junk?” I continued to tell my grandma that it was awesome and that it was the coolest glass ever and I apparently convinced her that I had to have it and for 25 cents it was clearly a steal.  I really didn’t have to convince her all to hard, she would always, pretty much just buy me whatever I wanted if it was under $2.00.  Nickel, Dime and Quarter items were pretty much a given. 

When we returned home that afternoon we dumped out our bags on the living room floor and went through our purchases.  While my grandma made dinner I sorted my treasures into two piles, one to take home and the other to leave at my grandparents.  When I got to my ET glass I got up and walked into the kitchen where my grandma was and asked her if she could wash my glass so I could use it for dinner.  She gladly washed it for me and thought for sure that I would use it once and it would go home with me.  Boy was she wrong.  That glass remained in my grandparent’s cupboard for the last 28 years, it moved three times with them over the years and never did they ask me to take it home with me or try and give it back to me. This glass became a staple in my life.  Every time I went to my grandparent’s house I used my ET glass.  From elementary school to high school, from marriage to having a son of my own that glass was mine weather I wanted to drink from it or not.  There was not a choice in the matter.  It graced the table at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Sunday Dinners, and it marked the spot where I was to sit and nobody ever even asked if they could use the glass ever, not even my son. This glass was mine and mine only!

Yesterday I brought that glass to a new home.  It’s been over a year now that my grandpa passed away and slowly my son; mom and I are going through my grandparent’s things.  Yesterday I went to my son’s man fort (where we have been storing their items) to look for my grandparents Christmas Tree to bring with for our Christmas vacation, and I found my glass.  It was sitting on their end table from the last time we went through their things.  I cried so hard that last time that I couldn’t bring myself to bring in all the items that were given to me.  Yesterday feeling pretty nostalgic and sentimental I bought the glass in the house with me along with 2 snow globes that had frozen water in them to thaw.  Tonight as I was going to sit down and play some “Words with Friends” I passed by the glass and thought, I should write its story.
So here it is, the story of the 1982 Limited Edition Pizza Hut ET Glass that got saved from the landfill about 29 years ago. It went from that garage sale to my grandparents home in Bloomington, to their Condo in Richfield, and to my grandpa’s assisted living apartment in Waconia to its current location in Hutchinson, I would say this glass has had quit a life.  One that any other typical 1982 Limited Edition Pizza Hut ET glass probably never has had.  

Monday, December 12, 2011

Welcome to the 61st edition of "Meet Me On Monday!"

1.  Tomorrow I'm going to _________?

-work. I will start my day in Maple Grove at Monkey Pickles.  Then I will meet my co-worker in Bloomington and we will Travel to Inver Grove Heights to teach some State Farm agent's how to use HootSuite to schedule thier facebook page updates!

2.  Pudding or Jello?

-Neither, I'm not a big fan of either.

3.  What book are you currently reading? 

4.  What is the first concert you went to see?

-I'm pretty positive that it was New Kids on the Block.  

5.  What is your current weather?

-about 40 degrees and no snow, not typical for Minnesota.  Really praying for a white Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011