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Über Baby Holiday Event...Saturday, December 4, 2010

Über Baby is hosting Minnesota’s favorite rocker, Tim Mahoney, this Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010. Tim Mahoney is the headlining act for a day filled with events fit for every shopper, not just the mom or music fan.

Über Baby Holiday Event

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tim Mahoney Performance and CD signing

12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

1628 West End Blvd.

St. Louis Park, MN 55416


• Tim Mahoney, local artist, will perform some favorites and sign CDs that are available for only $10. Über Baby will also be offer limited-edition Tim Mahoney onesies for only $26.

• Author and Artist, David W. Cook, will be on-hand to sign copies of his new book, Lemonade for the Lawn Boy, the hilarious story of 16 'upper crust' ladies who live in a world where vanity is not a sin. 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

• Photographer, Grace Wood, will be snapping free 8 x 10 shots of tots while parents browse through the latest trends for baby boys and girls. 12 p.m. – 3 p.m.

• butters&beans, a fashion-forward, eco-friendly organic infant clothing line, is making its début at the event. The line is created and designer by Minnesota local, Ann Evans. Until now, the line was only available online but will début at the event as an Über Baby exclusive. Shoppers can feel great about giving a stylish infant look that’s good for the environment and of course, better for baby.

• Cakes & Beans is designed by Alisha Perkins, wife of Twins player Glen Perkins and local mother of two. Cakes & Beans features unique graphic onesies, hair flair accessories and its signature vibrant tutus. At the event, shoppers can have custom matching tutus made for their princess and her favorite doll.

• Pop Frocks is perfect for any music-loving kiddo. Pop Frocks takes inspiration from music, pop culture, and pop art to create funky and fun baby and adult wear. Shoppers will have the opportunity to special order their favorite rock star onesie or T-shirt.

• I.D. Ink is co-founded by Alisha Perkins of Cakes & Beans and allows parents to ‘ink’ their kids with important contact information using a FDA approved, washable tattoo pen. I.D. Ink sets include different color tattoo pens and ‘Ed Hardy meets Bratz®’ temporary tattoos any youngster would be more than willing to rock.

Stop One....The Endro Train!

So Friday the 19th was the big day....the day the Endro Train got  knocked off its tracks and will no longer making stops at this station!

I was pretty nervous to say the least.  More worried about how my son was going to get to school, get home and nervous about him spending the day in the Cities with the rest of the football team.  Nervous that my husband would go crazy being cooped up in the hospital all day, having to wait for me.  When it comes to me being worried or nervous about myself I usually don't have time.

We tried to have a normal night on Thursday, if you consider a bowl prep normal, haha! Hubby was out in the garage, the kid spent his time in between his laptop and outside.  I think they were cutting wood.  I can't be positive, after the bowl prep kicked in I spent the rest of the evening in between the bedroom and bathroom! YUCK!

Back to the story....Woke up at 4:15am and jumped out a bed, I am never one to be happy to get out of bed so quickly especially at 4am but I wanted to get into the shower, do my hair and get on the road by 5:15am to be at the hospital by 6am. I woke my son up about 5am so I could give him a hug and kiss and tell him that I loved him and that I would make sure dad would let him know what was going on.  Then we were off. 

We arrived at the hospital at 5:54am-the hubby was nice enough to drop me off at the door and then park the car, but they were ready to take me back before he even got in.  I told them that they had to wait, plus he had the bag with my ID, glasses and medical card.  I also packed the Hubby a Goodies bag the night before.  It consisted of Diesel Magazine's that he had not read from the summer of camping, the 3 weekly newspapers we get, a muffin for breakfast and some Kit-Kat's, Reese's and Milk Duds!  I know how he can get and I didn't want him to not have anything to do.

So I went back to change and they started with all the questions.  First off it was about 50 degrees in there, to flippen cold and then they want you to change into this sexy open back hospital gown, but don't worry you get a paper thin rob and some sweet no skid hospital socks to help keep you warm-yea right! Then they made me pee in a cup-guess they wanted to make sure I was not pregnant-hello The Hubby has been fixed  for years- I'd have allot of explaining to do if I was!!! Then they let me go back out to the waiting room to say goodbye to him. 

I found him sitting on the chair with tears in his eyes.  How in the world was I supposed to leave him when he was crying.  He tells me that he wishes it was him instead of me and that he would do anything to change spots with me, and that he didn't want me to have to go threw this.  I tried to remain calm and not get so emotional.  I told him that I needed to do this for not just me but for him and my son.  I asked him if he had talked to our son and made sure he was up and ready to go to school.  He said yes.  The nurse was back and said it was time to go, that five minutes went by like 30 seconds, so I gave him a kiss and hug and told him it was going to be just fine and that I would see him in  a little while. 

So they brought me back to pre-opp.  That has to be the scariest walk every, kinda remained me of a scene from a movie. You walk passed all these other people that are waiting to go into surgery.  Your name is taped to the end of the hospital gurney, the first lady that I walked by was totally out of it, she kinda sat up as we walked past and gave me a desperate look-like run, run as fast as you can.  My nurse hurried me by her.

So I climb up onto my gurney and laid down, they start to prep me, they put patch's on my chest, start the IV, draw blood and give me this AWESOME patch that goes behind my ear to prevent nausea.  They also give me a bag filled with spearmint cotton swabs for me to sniff to ease my stomach.  I have to say both helped. Then came the wonder drug...the I don't care what you do to me just get this over with drug. 

Next thing I knew they were rolling me into the operating room and telling me to move to the table, they put the side boards on for my arms and I was out.......

Check back for the next post about what happened when I woke up!

California may have the warm weather...Minnesota gets 2 hour late starts!

California may have the warm weather...but we get 2 hour late starts and no school!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks when you are a 15 Year Old with a Brain Tumor – Repost from Mom in Managment

Giving Thanks when you are a 15 Year Old with a Brain Tumor.

Written on November 23, 2010 by Daria .XHello there!
Do you remember being 15?

For me, the sky was the limit. The world revolved around who kissed who behind the garage at so-and-so’s party. SAT’s and sending applications to colleges were starting to loom on the horizon. I was scaring the life out of my parents while learning to drive. And I was cautiously enjoying the new to me, but ageless dance with boys that my teenage body had gained me entree to.

Now imagine being 15, but instead of worrying about who so-and-so asked to the Homecoming dance, you’re worried about whether you’ll fall down from a seizure while walking across the street.

Instead of thinking about college, you aren’t able to finish high school because your seizures are too severe and frequent they disrupt the rest of the class and you and they can’t learn.

Instead of learning to drive, you are worried about learning how to feed yourself again once the surgeons remove a part of your brain.

Instead of scaring the life out of your parents because you forgot to yield to other traffic, your parents are terrified that you won’t be alive next year.

This is Tyler’s Reality

Tyler is the nephew of a very good friend of mine. Her words are below:

Five years ago my nephew Tyler suddenly began having seizures. During a recent stay at Children’s Hospital, Tyler was diagnosed with a large brain tumor that is believed to have been causing the seizures all these years.

Tyler is 15 and loves sports, especially wrestling, fishing, hunting, gaming and hanging out with his friends. Right now, though, he cannot do many of those treasured things that boys his age get to do. Worst of all, Tyler is currently unable to attend school. He is a sweet-natured boy with a tender heart. When people meet him they cannot help but instantly like him.

His long term treatment will require major surgery along with recovery and rehabilitation. His rehabilitation will require him to relearn all of the basics of life you and I know how to do and many of us take for granted each day. To help defray some of the costs that his family will incur, I have determined to undertake this “Scraps of Love” project.

Giving Thanks

So what do you give thanks for when you are 15 and have a brain tumor? What about his mom? What is she thankful for?

Tyler’s mom is a hard working single mom of two teenage boys. Because of Tyler’s needs and inability to attend school, she has had to take a furlough from her job to stay home and take care of him. Child support is hit or miss (more miss than hit) and money has never been plentiful in their house. She, Tyler, and his brother have had to move in with her mom because she has no way to support an independent home.

Thank goodness that she was able to take a furlough versus being laid off, because her health insurance continues to cover the majority of Tyler’s expenses. That is one of the things his mom is thankful for – health coverage.
However, each hospital visit requires a $750 out-of-pocket deductible payment and they are facing up to 4 hospital stays this coming year.

Scraps of Love
IMAG0843 179x300 Giving Thanks when you are a 15 Year Old with a Brain Tumor

Scraps of Love is my friend Heather’s brain child. She decided to make a homemade quilt and raffle it off to help offset Tyler’s non-insured medical expenses. She has lovingly created the most beautiful and cheerful quilt I’ve ever seen. It is pictured below. The picture doesn’t do it justice – the colors are bright and happy and it just makes you smile to look at it.

How You Can Help

Let’s raise $3,000 to cover the upcoming deductibles for Tyler. This won’t cover all of their needs. It won’t help with Christmas presents, or food on the table, but it will take a huge burden off of Tyler’s family.

I have seen the greatness of the people in the blogging community and know that as a community we can do this!

I’m asking you to copy this post and add it to your site. Help us get the word out any way that you can. Repost on twitter, facebook, print a flier out and stick it on your company bulletin board – any means and methods that you have to spread the word.

Our goal? To get people to buy a raffle ticket for this beautiful handmade quilt. Direct donations are also welcome, of course. A paypal account has been set up and can be accessed on Scraps of Love for Tyler.

Then please add your blog to this blog hop so we can see the power of blogging and recognize each of you for your help. As a thank you, you will automatically be entered into my Vera Bradley giveaway if you leave a comment on this post with how you’ve spread the word.

Wordless Wednesday.....it's My Couch MOM!

My Diva Bulldog Diesel pretty much has the run of the house during the day, OK all the time. She made it very clear to me that even though I was home that the couch was off limits to me.

Finally yesterday, she allowed me some room on the couch.

As long as I don't disturber her sleep, I can share the couch with her.

Really Mom....you can go back to work anytime now...I want my couch back!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Geeked out at WordCampMSP!

I have to tell you that this was the most AWESOME seminaer I have ever, ever been too!!! I was surrounded my so many Geeks it was the BEST! I may be the biggest Geek in my house but I felt pretty UnderGeeked at WORDCAMPMSP. I am so proud to have been among Minnesota’s most brilliant WordPress Guru’s!!

So WordCampMSP was at Best Buy HeadQuarters. What an awesome place. I have always wanted to go there and check it out. Well I was so lucky to to so! They have some AWESOME stuff inside.

The Charles Schulz Peanut Statue’s:                                             Guns N Rose Chinese Record:

They also have a employee lounge that has a pool table, WII, Xbox, Foosball table and PlayStation! There are several meeting rooms. They are named after places in the Twin Cites: Calhoun, Harriet, Minnetonka and the Best is the Theater. To be able to watch all the new DVD’s or have Apple come and present the new IPhone at WOW is all that I have to say! It rocks! The also have a fitness center and a really cool lunchroom “Sandy’s Place”. It house all us Geeks for lunch that was provided by BUCCA-my Favorite restaurant!

I have to say my best find was this awesome Original ARATI:

Hello who wouldn’t want to work here!!!

Now onto WordCamp. It was the best $30 that I have ever spent! So very worth every penny. So many awesome presenters, and so many different tracks to choose from and a schedule plum pull of things that I didn’t get to attend. I wish I would have gotten to go to them all!!!

The first class I attended was Customizing WordPress from the Inside out-with Josh Byers. There were things that I have to admit were abit over my head, but I am so glad that I went. Josh referenced Avatar-cool to some Geeks but I don’t have time to watch movies or TV. To busy trying to balance work, family and Freelance! My free time is spent learning WordPress, attending these awesome seminars and learning more Social Media!!!! Ok back to the class-Josh was very easy to follow and he showed us some great tips on how to customize WordPress. I will definitely be going to his blog, printing out his presentation and coping that code!!!

My favorites Presenter was Robert Dempsey. He presented ” How to Turn Your Bsiness into a Media Powerhouse”. Not to Quote my Tweet but ” wordcampmsp Word Camp MSP A one man media powerhouse! RT @onegirlideas: #wordcampmsp @Lifeofthefreehe really knows that he’s talking about.” I hope to connect with him soon. I really think he is a genius, and he is such an inspiration. I’m hoping he can help me get to where I want as a Freelancer!

I also met up with Lauri Flaquer , Thanks to Mary Mcdonald from ClearFocus Marketing. Mary is a wonderful friend and best company to work!

I sat with a great lady Reanne Vilen who volunteers for “Meal on Wheels” she was so nice to let me sit with her and we chatted about several different topics.

In closing I had such a wonderful time at WordCampMSP! I would recommend it to everyone. You can count this “One Girl Ideas” to attend again next year.

Banner and Button for Savvy Stacy

Check out the AWESOME banner an Button I just finished for Savvy Stacy.  Give her some love at her Facebook Page and her current Website.  Working on a Website Makeover next!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little lost dog....needs good home!

My cousin Chrissy found this this adorable little dog around the intersection of County Rd 20 and Pincherry (North East of town)- that's very near Concordia in Bemidji. He was walking down the middle of the road, almost got hit by a couple cars.  She knocked on all the doors of the houses in the area and no one knew him.  My Auntie Jeanie is taking care of him now. We are trying to find him a good home.  If no one claims him, I will take him in.  For some reason I have a soft soft in my heart for him. 

They have taken him to the vet and found out that he is not very old, has good teeth but, he has a thyroid condition and have him on meds - he has lost a bit of hair on his rump; this should grow back but will always have some scarring; Auntie is bathing him in a moisturizing shampoo to help. He has not been well-cared for for a long long time. He is very well-behaved and housebroken, doesn't bark and does well with cats and dogs.

Contact me if you are interested. onegirlideas@gmail.com

Wordless Wednesday....Son's First Deer, and its a BUCK!

My Son got his first Deer Sunday!  Its a 8 point Buck!