Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today’s Creation: Heart Soap

Today I attempted to make some heart shaped soap-yeah I know Valentine’s Day is over, but when Target and Wal-Mart have such an awesome clearance on after holiday stuff you have to jump on it.

So I got these awesome molds and some soap fixings and wanted to make some awesome soaps. I started with the below mold. I melted some Glycerin soap base and mixed in some Raspberry sent, poured the mixture it in the heart shapes and let it cool. Then I melted a batch of Glycerin soap base and scented it in Raspberry again and poured it over the hearts and let it cool.

My next project was to use the deep muffin tin.

For these I started with a Shea butter base and scented the large mold with Vanilla. I left the color white. Then I mixed up another batch of Shea Butter base and mixed it with red to make a pink colored heart, and poured the mixture into the ice cube tray molds.

First I thought that I would put the small pink hearts on top of the large white hearts but when everything hardened the pink hearts did not fit so well. My first thought to fill in the top where the heart indention was with another color and place the pink heart on top o f it well it hardened. But as I mixed up the Lilac and poured it into the heart indention it was to pretty to cover up. So I left it the way you see it below.

If anybody is interested in purchasing any of these soaps just drop me a line

I had a blast making these soaps. I have really come to enjoy the art of soap making.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A day of change...Endometroisis kicked my butt!

The definition of Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue that behaves like the cells lining the uterus (endometrium) grows in other areas of the body, causing pain, irregular bleeding, and possible infertility.

Many of you know that I have suffered from this from the age of 16. Really I’m sure I had it longer, its just that they finally found it when I was 16.

Today was one of those days that I wonder why I was cursed with this crap! It has only been 17 days sense my last period, and there is no reason why it should have started already. But good old Endometriosis has reared her ugly head again and did not give me the break I needed or am rightfully entailed to!

So last night as I lay there thinking, I remember that I used to take these vitamins that really helped when I took them, and said well tomorrow night I’m gonna order some of them again and start exercising again. Exercise seems to help Endometriosis. My son did a search on Dioxin-(agent orange) and found that it lives in fat cells. So that said I have been slacking in the exercise department and have put on a few pounds in the last few months-sense I quit dance, and something clicked. Carrey I said to myself, you need to get off your ass and do something to make yourself better. Not that exercise and vitamins will cure me but they will help.

So tonight I went to a Stability Ball Class at CORE Exercise Studio in Hutch. If you have never been, you should check it out. It totally kicked my ass! I am so out of shape its ridiculous! I will be going back on Friday and trying to go back at least twice a week!

I just ordered my vitamins. I will keep you posted with my progress, and how they are working for me. This time they suggested that I also take the hormonal imbalance vitamins. I agree, my hormones are more out of whack then ever before. If you would like to order some for your self you can find them at Woman to Woman they worked for me before, I’m sure they will work again.

Take care everyone!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Business Advice on Bill Collection

Today my post is about how to properly collect a debt from a customer.

First off make sure when you are sending someone a bill that they have not paid you first.

First and for most ALWAYS use Spell Check! It is very, very unprofessional to send something that is spelt wrong. I for one am the “Worlds Worst Speller” but my best friend F7 has never let me down.

Second: If you are trying to collect money from someone, always let them know for what! Not offering a description is not only unprofessional but wrong. Even when you go to Wal-Mart your receipt gives you some sort of description of what you purchased. You need to remind your customer what they bought from you or what service you performed for them.

Third: Bills need to be sent in a timely manner. Bills should be sent within 30 days. Bills sent after 3 year and 7 years in other states are not valid, meaning that you will not be able to collect your payment.

Fourth: Invest in accounting software. QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, Quicken. All these programs offer invoice creation. You can also purchase readymade invoice at your local office supply store. Wal-Mart and Target carry them in their office supply isle. If, you can’t afford software for your computer then keep track of customer payments in Word or Excel. Microsoft also has readymade templates at their on line template gallery. Microsoft Office Templates Simply type in what you are looking for and several readymade documents are there for your downloading. There are plenty of options that are easily customized to suit your business. If your company has no computers then use a journal or note book.

Keeping track of the checks customers pay you is vital to business survival. Before you take that deposit to the bank, make a copy of all the checks and the deposit slip. Attach the deposit ticket to the copies and keep them in a file cabinet. Believe me this has saved me on more than one occasion.
I hope my advice has helped.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Soap Making 101-Oatmeal Soap Giveaway

I have just found that I LOVE to make soap and it is so easy.

Tonight I'm going to share with you my Oatmeal-Almond- Honey Soap Recipe.

First let me tell you that I found all of the ingredients you will need at Crafts Direct in St. Cloud- minus the oatmeal that is.

Oatmeal-Almond-Honey Soap:
8 Squares cut off of a Darcie 2lb Values Block Soap Creation Goats Milk.
3 Squeezes of Almond Honey scent
1/3 cup oatmeal-give or take
Soap Mold

First Cut 8 Squares of Goats Milk Soap. Put the squares into a glass microwave safe measuring cup. Place the cup into the microwave and heat 30 second intervals until melted. Stir after each 30 second heating until your soap is melted into liquid. Squeeze your scent into the soap until you get the smell you like. Pour your oatmeal into the soap and stir. Pour the soap into a mold and let cool 20 to 60 minutes. Remove your soap and enjoy!

One lucky follower will receive their very own Handmade Oatmeal-Almond-Honey Bar of Soap.

Once we hit the 100 fan mark on face book and twitter the soap will be given away.

Here are the details on how to enter:

Become a fan of onegirlideas on facebook. (1 Entry)

Become a follower of onegirlideas on Twitter (1 Entry)

Suggest a friend to become a fan of onegirlideas on facebook and or twitter. ( 1 Entry for both)
Tweet about this contest with a link back to the posting. Make sure you copy and paste your tweet in the comment. (2 Entries)

Leave me a separate comment for each item you do. Winner Will be drawn by

Good Luck!

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New and Improved Blog

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I moved my blog to Blogger at Google.

Tonight I will post a blog about my Soap Making weekend. Stay Tuned....gonna give one lucky follower a bar of soap to call their own.