Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today’s Creation: Heart Soap

Today I attempted to make some heart shaped soap-yeah I know Valentine’s Day is over, but when Target and Wal-Mart have such an awesome clearance on after holiday stuff you have to jump on it.

So I got these awesome molds and some soap fixings and wanted to make some awesome soaps. I started with the below mold. I melted some Glycerin soap base and mixed in some Raspberry sent, poured the mixture it in the heart shapes and let it cool. Then I melted a batch of Glycerin soap base and scented it in Raspberry again and poured it over the hearts and let it cool.

My next project was to use the deep muffin tin.

For these I started with a Shea butter base and scented the large mold with Vanilla. I left the color white. Then I mixed up another batch of Shea Butter base and mixed it with red to make a pink colored heart, and poured the mixture into the ice cube tray molds.

First I thought that I would put the small pink hearts on top of the large white hearts but when everything hardened the pink hearts did not fit so well. My first thought to fill in the top where the heart indention was with another color and place the pink heart on top o f it well it hardened. But as I mixed up the Lilac and poured it into the heart indention it was to pretty to cover up. So I left it the way you see it below.

If anybody is interested in purchasing any of these soaps just drop me a line

I had a blast making these soaps. I have really come to enjoy the art of soap making.

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