About Me

I’m One Girl with some Big Ideas…..

I for one like to think outside the box! That’s what inspires me. It generates BUZZ , THOUGHT and CREATIVITY.

Finding the Next Best Thing, Ideas, Latest Trend or Gadget is what gets me up in the morning and never lets me sleep at night. There is never a dull moment around me; I am constantly on the move!

I'm a Creative thinker, Super Crafter of Many Projects, Mom Blogger Wanna-Be, Social Media Junkie, Geek Girl who loves to ride my snowmobile and ATV! But most important I am a Wife & Proud MOM to my Teenage Son and not to forget my Diva Bulldog Diesel!

My blog posts are very random. They range from Advice on how to run your Small Business, Social Media Tidbits, My latest Craft Project, Endometriosis and My Family.

I will promise you good information, great weblinks and lots of laughter!

So sit back, grab a Mocha and enjoy my blog!

If you want to contact me you may at onegirlideas@gmail.com

* Disclaimer.....The posts here are my opinions, thoughts and ideas and do not represent anything but that.  I blog about what I want, when I want. Therefore my post are not always proper, may not contain correct grammar and spelling is most likely wrong.  Most of my ideas come when I am on the go, at lunch, waiting for my son or late at night.  Have a heart and give me a break, I'm far from perfect! 

If you want to see a sample of my proper etiquette and professional blogging. Please visit Excel Mechanicals blog.