Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spooky homes for sale

Ran across this post and thought that I would share it with my fellow Haunted House Lover's  Spooky homes for sale .

I totally love Haunted House and anything Ghost related.  In fact I love the spirit world and total believe in life after death.  Open your eyes someone is sure watching, and waiting for you to discover them.

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The Cutest Text I got from My Husband....and Cleanest!

Little 5 year old Susie came home from school with a smile on her face & told her mom, "Frankie showed me his weenie today at the playground". Before her mom could say a word Susie went on to say, "It reminded me of a peanut." Relaxing with a smile, Susie's mom asked, "Really? It was small?" Susie said, "No, It was salty." Her mom fainted.

Boycott Mondays...

My Friend @JacieCross over at With Just a Bit of Magic and I were having one of those Mondays a while back and came up with the ideas to Boycott Mondays.  She even wrote a post about it.  She is so much more on the ball then I....

I have always thought that if we could just simply skip Monday's that the world would be a much better place and we could get so much more done in a weekend and enjoy our family one more day instead of cramming in the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning and all the other chores that have to get done while trying to enjoy a few hours with your family.

So who's with me and Jackie?  Click her Mister Linky button below, grab her Boycott button to the
right and join us in the fight!


I have a problem and it really makes me mad when people treat people differently and when they belive that they are inferior to others.

Everyone is created equal. Men-Woman, Old-Young, White-Black, English-Hispanic. Boss-Employee. I don't care if you are all of the above, or none of the above, EVERYONE  deserves RESPECT! 

I have always treated everyone the same no mater who or what they are, and expect them to treat me the same way back.  I am usually disappointed when I go out of the way for someone and they don't feel that they should treat me the same way.  But I figure what goes around comes around and Karma will kick in sooner or later and they will see what they have done and get what they deserve from not treating me or others with respect. I get very disappointed when their attitude continues and they never treat me with respect, and that's where I draw the line. 

I'm on the 1-2-3 strikes your out rule.  If they do it Once I usually just brush it off. The Second time I get upset, and remember what they did to make me upset, and the Third time they are not so lucky-that's when I tend to stop listening, don't return phone calls, text messages or emails from them.  That's usually when they start to think I'm a real Bitch because I choose not to associate with them anymore, when really, I'm just sick of their Bullshit and have to remove myself from the situation because I can't take it anymore, and if I don't I will explode and say something that I regret later.

OK off my chest, Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Both Bulldog Mascot

They are both way to cute! But Diesel is #1 in our Family! 
Notice the other Mascot has my son's Jersey on?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday on Sunday...Moms Proud Moment on the Football Field.

So I'm a bit late....Football, and Endro has me tied up and not able to post as much.

This is the day that I have been waiting for since Ty has put those shoulder pads on for the first time.  My day on the football field with my Son, My Husband and Our Bulldog "The Mascot"!

The entire Family after the Game:
Jay-The Dad, Carrey-The Mom, Sandey-The Grandma, Dave-The Grandpa
and Diesel-The Mascott and Diva Bulldog!

Endometriosis....Orginally posted 1/25/2009

Today I wanted to write about something that bothers me most everyday. Some days are good days and others like today are not so good.

I suffer from endometriosis, have sense I was 16...well that’s when they found it. I'm positive I had it as soon as I got my period.

I don't write this to make you feel sorry for me but wanted to share something that I found interesting in my search on endometriosis.

My dad is a Vietman Vet, I am a very, very proud daughter! I am very thankful for all that he did. Vietman Veterans are very under appreciate. Some of you may not know this but when the soldiers were over in Vietman they were exposed to chemicals. One in particular -Dioxin 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) or commonly know as Agent Orange. Agent Orange is a Nasty chemical that the government used to kill foliage. But it also had lasting effects when sprayed in the jungles where our American Soliders were located.

My father was exposed to the chemical while in Vietman and has several side effects from it. He hide it from my mother and me for years until one day my mom was reading his huge VA Medical file while waiting for my dad and found it on his folder it stated that my father indeed had the chemical in him.

Today I was goggling endometriosis and found this article Checkmate Spray, Agent Orange and Women’s Health. This article explains a similar spraying in California. If this spraying did this to women that were around exposed to can you imangine what it did to our soldiers in mass quantities.

I always wondered why I had endometriosis, and mostly I just thought I got the raw end of the deal. Today I wonder if it was something that was passed down from my father and his exposure to Chemical Warfare our government used.

I read an article where the government agreed to pay over 30 million dollars to families that have symptoms of the effects. But most families will never see anything.

I don't want the governments money...all I want is them to put some money into research, help the families that suffer from your wrong doings. Put that money into studies....I'm sure you would find plenty of us to be your ginnypigs!!!!!

What I want is a cure….fix the pain that endometriosis cause women every day!

Christmas Tree...Orginally Posted 12/5/2009

So I finally talked my boys into doing the “go and chop down your own tree” from Christmas thing.

Usually we go to Menards and pick from what they have there, or if my boys are real scrooges they make me put up the artificial tree that we have had since 1993. I’m pretty sure it sheds more than a real on does.
So it’s off to Dassel we go. I locate the farm on the internet, put on 10 layers of clothes (so I’m not the one that is cold and spoils it for everyone) pile in the truck and head out. We stop at a local coffee shop along the way to get mocha.

We arrive at Hillside Farm in Dassel just off Hwy 15 heading to Kimball. We pull in and head to what looks like the “store”. The shop keeper takes us back outside and explains to us where the tree’s are located. I am not a tree expert and when she says the Balsam Firs are on the top of the hill and if you don’t one of them you can find the Douglas or Frasier Firs at the bottom of the hill. So we head out to the field covered in hay to keep the strawberries from freezing.

We walk and walk and finally get to the tree line. Where we find some pretty Charlie Brown Trees.

I was a bit disappointed but we kept walking and looking and walking and looking and walking and looking some more.We really didn't’t see a tree that had a big neon sign saying “Here I am, Come and take me home” so we walked to the bottom of the hill to see if there were any other prospective Christmas trees. The trees at the bottom of the hill were in worse shape than the ones at the top. We found one that had bull horns at the top of it but there was no way it was gonna fit into my living room.So we walked back up the hill to find a tree. At this point both my boys were a bit annoyed. I just reminded them that this is fun and its not that cold out and was a nice day to be outside and get some fresh air. They were less than happy with my statement!

So I was trying to hurry up and find a tree and for some reason there were three standing next to each other that looked really nice. My husband reminded me that these are not the perfect trees where you can bend them to make it look perfect. I guess I just wanted it to be perfect, because I know I will never, ever get them to do this again.

I asked both their opinions because I could not make my mind up, my husband says this one, grabs the saw from my sons hands and starts to chop it down. I got the camera out as fast as I could but it was to the ground before I could say “Timber”

And they were off, my hubby put it up on his shoulder and off he went. I walked as fast as could to catch up to him, he finally realized that I was not behind him yet and stopped and waited for me.

I took their picture again, and my hubby says “ Don’t you want a picture with you” I said well as usually,I am never in the pictures and can never prove the things we do.


So I give Ty the camera and this is what I found late on the way home:

Classic is what I thought! The perfect Family Picture!! Defiantly Christmas Card Perfect!

Next year, I’m gonna back to Menards, unless I can talk them into a road trip to Solway!

About One Girl Ideas .... originally posted 11/27/2009

I thought that my first blog should be a little bit about myself.

First let me tell you I am a mother of a Teenage SON! He is my #1 reason on this earth. I am blessed with the opportunity to be his mother.

I now, I now you’re probably saying "Every mother says this" let me give you some history of why I made this statement.

When I was 16 I found out that I had Endometriosis, and was not ever sure that I could have a child. So that is why I make the statement that I am truly blessed with the opportunity to be a mother!

Next I am a Wife! I have been with my wonderful husband for 17 years and married to him for 15 of them. Yes we were high school sweetheart (ahh) but when people say that I really don't think of it that way. My husband is my best friend always has been, always will be.

I am also the mother of a English Bulldog Diesel! She is truly my baby! She keeps me company when my boys are out doing boy things, she is the one constant in my life. There are days that I think I don’t know what I would do without her.

What do I do for work well there are allot of things I have done and a few that I am really good at. Right now I I am a bookkeeper/office manager for a plumber. He has to be the best boss that I have ever had. He is the father of 6 soon to be 7 and understands what it takes to be a good parent and just how much time is involved. I also get to do things that I love and he encourages me to explore the things I am good at.

I also freelance as a designer/small business developer. I like to help small business get off their feet in the advertising/marketing department. I help business in allot of different ways. I create logos, stationary, websites, email newsletters and anything that they can dream up.

My true passion is creativity. I guess you could say that I have always been creative; it just runs thru my blood. Having grown up as an only child one has to be creative to keep on entertained.

I guess this leads me to my latest OneGirlIdea: Blogging!
As I get better at this I will try to focus on one topic per post. I will also try and post them under categories. I guess what I will probably write about will be my son, my husband, my family, the things I enjoy like crafts, computers, scrapbooking, beaded jewelry, snowmobiling and my crazy ideas –you guessed it that is where I came up with the name-onegirlideas!

I hope that after you have read this you will get a little glimpse about who I am. I hope that you will come to enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

Let me know what you think and if there is anything that you would like me to write about! I look forward to a long and enjoyable blogging life.


Some old Posts from My Original Blog

I totally forgot that I used to have a blog at my URL, until today when I Google my website to see if it looked good on my Iphone.  So I am going to move them here and post the original post date.  I hope you enjoy them.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Endro options

So my Endometroisis is rearing is ugly head again and is in full force.  I rarely have a day where there is no pain, yes even when good old auntie flow is not visiting.  So for the last few months I have been to my wonderful doctor who has come up with 3 options for me.

1) Go on the Lurpon Shot for 6 months and then follow that up with birth control pills to decrease my period and regulate my hormones, not so much my period.

2) Surgery: Go in and scrap out all the Endometroisis that she can get and do a procedure called NovaSure where it basically takes a layer off my uterus and make my period lighter or none existent so I don't have such a heavy flow and follow that up with Lupron.  

3) Surgery: Take my uterus and ovaries out and put me on hormone replacement.

With my current health care situation, I am not sure how long I will have insurance so I opted for #2.  The pain is so bad that it interferes with my daily routine.  Once she goes in and takes the crap out, removes all my adhesion's, I can start all over.  Get myself on a regular workout routine, take my vitamins, and watch my diet to control my weight, life can be manageable again. 

I update everyone after surgery and let ya know how things are going.  I know I will be dealing with this until menopause or even after but at least I can start over again and manage it so it will not get out of control again.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday.....Birthday Boys!

October 4th is a BIG DAY around our house! Its not only my Husbands Birthday but also my Sons!

15 years ago I gave my husband the best present he ever had received, now every year I can never get him anything close!

This year my Son got a Huge Birthday Present and gave his Dad an even bigger one.  He scored 2 TOUCHDOWNS- the First and the Last, had 3 First Downs and carried the ball for over 40 yards!

All I did was make him this AWESOME banner!

When we finally got home we celebrated with some cake.

Got a picture with the Grandparents.
And then one with the family.
Well there you have it, a not so typical Birthday!