Sunday, October 24, 2010

About One Girl Ideas .... originally posted 11/27/2009

I thought that my first blog should be a little bit about myself.

First let me tell you I am a mother of a Teenage SON! He is my #1 reason on this earth. I am blessed with the opportunity to be his mother.

I now, I now you’re probably saying "Every mother says this" let me give you some history of why I made this statement.

When I was 16 I found out that I had Endometriosis, and was not ever sure that I could have a child. So that is why I make the statement that I am truly blessed with the opportunity to be a mother!

Next I am a Wife! I have been with my wonderful husband for 17 years and married to him for 15 of them. Yes we were high school sweetheart (ahh) but when people say that I really don't think of it that way. My husband is my best friend always has been, always will be.

I am also the mother of a English Bulldog Diesel! She is truly my baby! She keeps me company when my boys are out doing boy things, she is the one constant in my life. There are days that I think I don’t know what I would do without her.

What do I do for work well there are allot of things I have done and a few that I am really good at. Right now I I am a bookkeeper/office manager for a plumber. He has to be the best boss that I have ever had. He is the father of 6 soon to be 7 and understands what it takes to be a good parent and just how much time is involved. I also get to do things that I love and he encourages me to explore the things I am good at.

I also freelance as a designer/small business developer. I like to help small business get off their feet in the advertising/marketing department. I help business in allot of different ways. I create logos, stationary, websites, email newsletters and anything that they can dream up.

My true passion is creativity. I guess you could say that I have always been creative; it just runs thru my blood. Having grown up as an only child one has to be creative to keep on entertained.

I guess this leads me to my latest OneGirlIdea: Blogging!
As I get better at this I will try to focus on one topic per post. I will also try and post them under categories. I guess what I will probably write about will be my son, my husband, my family, the things I enjoy like crafts, computers, scrapbooking, beaded jewelry, snowmobiling and my crazy ideas –you guessed it that is where I came up with the name-onegirlideas!

I hope that after you have read this you will get a little glimpse about who I am. I hope that you will come to enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

Let me know what you think and if there is anything that you would like me to write about! I look forward to a long and enjoyable blogging life.


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