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Christmas Tree...Orginally Posted 12/5/2009

So I finally talked my boys into doing the “go and chop down your own tree” from Christmas thing.

Usually we go to Menards and pick from what they have there, or if my boys are real scrooges they make me put up the artificial tree that we have had since 1993. I’m pretty sure it sheds more than a real on does.
So it’s off to Dassel we go. I locate the farm on the internet, put on 10 layers of clothes (so I’m not the one that is cold and spoils it for everyone) pile in the truck and head out. We stop at a local coffee shop along the way to get mocha.

We arrive at Hillside Farm in Dassel just off Hwy 15 heading to Kimball. We pull in and head to what looks like the “store”. The shop keeper takes us back outside and explains to us where the tree’s are located. I am not a tree expert and when she says the Balsam Firs are on the top of the hill and if you don’t one of them you can find the Douglas or Frasier Firs at the bottom of the hill. So we head out to the field covered in hay to keep the strawberries from freezing.

We walk and walk and finally get to the tree line. Where we find some pretty Charlie Brown Trees.

I was a bit disappointed but we kept walking and looking and walking and looking and walking and looking some more.We really didn't’t see a tree that had a big neon sign saying “Here I am, Come and take me home” so we walked to the bottom of the hill to see if there were any other prospective Christmas trees. The trees at the bottom of the hill were in worse shape than the ones at the top. We found one that had bull horns at the top of it but there was no way it was gonna fit into my living room.So we walked back up the hill to find a tree. At this point both my boys were a bit annoyed. I just reminded them that this is fun and its not that cold out and was a nice day to be outside and get some fresh air. They were less than happy with my statement!

So I was trying to hurry up and find a tree and for some reason there were three standing next to each other that looked really nice. My husband reminded me that these are not the perfect trees where you can bend them to make it look perfect. I guess I just wanted it to be perfect, because I know I will never, ever get them to do this again.

I asked both their opinions because I could not make my mind up, my husband says this one, grabs the saw from my sons hands and starts to chop it down. I got the camera out as fast as I could but it was to the ground before I could say “Timber”

And they were off, my hubby put it up on his shoulder and off he went. I walked as fast as could to catch up to him, he finally realized that I was not behind him yet and stopped and waited for me.

I took their picture again, and my hubby says “ Don’t you want a picture with you” I said well as usually,I am never in the pictures and can never prove the things we do.


So I give Ty the camera and this is what I found late on the way home:

Classic is what I thought! The perfect Family Picture!! Defiantly Christmas Card Perfect!

Next year, I’m gonna back to Menards, unless I can talk them into a road trip to Solway!

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