Friday, October 15, 2010

Endro options

So my Endometroisis is rearing is ugly head again and is in full force.  I rarely have a day where there is no pain, yes even when good old auntie flow is not visiting.  So for the last few months I have been to my wonderful doctor who has come up with 3 options for me.

1) Go on the Lurpon Shot for 6 months and then follow that up with birth control pills to decrease my period and regulate my hormones, not so much my period.

2) Surgery: Go in and scrap out all the Endometroisis that she can get and do a procedure called NovaSure where it basically takes a layer off my uterus and make my period lighter or none existent so I don't have such a heavy flow and follow that up with Lupron.  

3) Surgery: Take my uterus and ovaries out and put me on hormone replacement.

With my current health care situation, I am not sure how long I will have insurance so I opted for #2.  The pain is so bad that it interferes with my daily routine.  Once she goes in and takes the crap out, removes all my adhesion's, I can start all over.  Get myself on a regular workout routine, take my vitamins, and watch my diet to control my weight, life can be manageable again. 

I update everyone after surgery and let ya know how things are going.  I know I will be dealing with this until menopause or even after but at least I can start over again and manage it so it will not get out of control again.

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