Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome to the 36th edition of "Meet Me On Monday!"


1.  What are you wearing right now?

-Excel Mechanical SweatShirt and T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, Socks, and my Slippers.

2.  Do you have any freckles?

-Yep tons of them! ;-)

3.  What is your favorite Lifesaver flavor?

-Variety Pack!  I could never pick on particular favorite!

4.  What is the last movie you saw in the theater?

-The Blind Side! We don't go to movies much.

5.  Would you rather live without tv or without music?

-Tuff one! I would have to pick TV.  I could aways go on the internet to watch Days of or lives!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Flip Offs....

I can stop,Friday Flip-offs is back again.  Momma Kiss is the host.Go and check her out and all the others that join in the fun. What a great way to let off some steam and Flip Off the Things or People that Pissed you Off this week.  So here we go.

This weeks Flip-offs kinda have a theme.  Sorry I spent way to much time with way to many boys last week and I need to blow off some steam!

...Boys that think just cuz your a girl you should clean up after them.
...Boys that don't give Girls the Respect they Deserve!
...Boys that never look back to see if you are there.
...Boys that only think of themselves.
...Boys that talk to much.
...Boys that think they know everything, when they don't.
...Boy that are selfish.

...and once again: ....Endometriosis, cuz the bitch don't ever go away!

Now you go...  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursday.....Recycle Barn Material

  This week I will feature another Recycle Barn material.  From the same Barn that my husband took down, I saved some window Frames.  The glass was all broken but the window frame was intact.  

Back in 2005 we took a family Trip to Deadwood South Dakota and I talked my family into the Saloon Family Picture.  I of course had to purchase all the pictures because you can't let them stay there for others to view.  

I was never quit sure how I would frame these pictures and then all of a sudden it came to me.  

I used some vintage scrap book paper and cut it to the size the window pains.  Then I cut some foam core to use as a mounting or backing board.  I glued the scrapbook paper to the foam core and then glued the pictures to the paper.  

Take a look at the results. I think it is quite AWESOME!

Unexceptable phone edicate from the Husband

Everyday my Son calls me at 3:04pm and asks me what's going on.  Why? Well because we have to figure out who is going to go and pick him up from school.  I used to have the sole responsibility but now that the Hubs is a garbageman and works only 8 hours a day and goes in before the sun is up he is able to share the responsibility with me.  

Today was no different from any other day.  My son called and asked what was up and if I had heard from Dad. I said "nope, I haven't gotten a text telling me that he is coming to get you so I assume that I will be picking you up" he responds "OK, sounds good" End of conversation.  So I go back to work.

13 minutes later I get a phone call from the Husband.  I excuse myself to The State of MN Sales and Use Tax Auditor and tell him that I need to take this call.

I have to answer my phone calls on speaker because I work in a tin shed and the only place I get service is in the window.  So I answer and the Husband starts to go off on me.  "Have you heard from the Kid? I have been waiting in the Fucking Parking Lot sense 3pm and the Fucker has not come out.  I have sent him 3 Fucking Text messages and the Fucker has not replied."  I calmly reply " Yes I talked to him and since we had not heard from you we assumed that I would be picking him up so I'm sure he is in school working on home work or taken a test." He continues to swear up a storm.  I break into the conversion and say "I have the State Auditor with me right now and since you are at school and have this situation under control, we can discuss this situation when I get home." 

I really don't think he quite understood what I said.  Sometimes well put and educated sentence go over his head and he continued to swear.  I politely told him again that there was nothing I could do now for him since I was still at work and needed get back to work.  He swore again and hung up.

I apologized to the Auditor for my husbands profanity. He gracefully understood and said that it is simply how you two communicate and understood that I am a mom and a wife too and he also puts his wife in the coordinator situation and understands how awkward and frustrating it can be at times.  I thanked him for understanding and all that I could think about was how mad I was at the Husband.

He really did not understand what kind of situation he put me into.  I told him that I could easily get fired for his profanity and his response was "Well you could have hung up with me" I replied with "Do you have any idea how unprofessional that would have been?" he didn't.  I had to explain it to him. 

He finally apologized but it was followed by a "WHATEVER" I calmly told him that he needs to take responsibly for his actions and that I was sick of it not ever being his fault.   He replied with a "I screwed up and I'm sorry" 

I'm still mad at him and all night he has mad me fell like it is still my fault for him acting like he did.  

I think this, along with several other reasons is why us working moms have such a fucking hard time balancing working and family!

Thirsty Thursday's! Drink Recipe #2...Fuck Me Like A Beast Recipe!

Thirsty Thursday 
Drink Recipe #2

Todays recipe is dedicated to my Best Friend.  Have one for me Carrie!

Fuck Me Like A Beast Recipe

1/2 oz tequila
1/2 oz Midori melon liqueur
1/2 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur
1 part pineapple juice
1 part orange juice
1 dash grenadine syrup
top with Bacardi 151 rum
Preparation Instructions:
Combine all ingredients except 151, shake well with ice, pour into highball glass and top it off with bacardi 151.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Please, please, please don't text and drive. Join the band

Please, please, please don't text and drive. Join the band: 

Wordless Wednesday....Priceless

Aspirin for Killer Headache ... $8
Lodging for Three ...$345.00
 Gas Expense for 39 hours & 1946 miles in truck and 124 mile on the Snowmobiles...$821.80
  Souvenir's from Trip $300
 The look on my Son's Face when He Climbed His First Mountain...PRICELESS!

Century Link Sucks Again....5 day Internet Outage!

Nonproductive Blogging….

After a 5 day vacation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I thought that I would come back all refreshed and ready to tackle everything.  I had major Blog/Internet/Facebook/Twitter withdrawal.  I recently published a blog post about me unplugging.  Usually it’s hard for me to just disconnect for one day let alone 5. 
So its back to basics for this post.  Composing it in WORD, saving it to a flash drive and then tomorrow at work I will upload it. Because we have internet at work.
So I guess this post once again turns into a Century Link Sucks post.  Since Century bought out Embarq I have had nothing but problems.  I can count on being without internet at least once a month.  It gets old really, really quickly.  

Then when you call Tech Support you get someone on the phone who thinks you’re an IDIOT.  I patiently wait for them to ask me my name, account number and if I have powered the modem off and Hard Reset it.   I tell them yes and that I had already tried that before I called and the problem is defiantly on their end so all I want is to know any updated status.  The last time I called in the rep said that the internet would be back on at 6pm and it is now 7:30pm and still nothing.  The rep puts me on hold and say that I am correct and the problem should have been fixed by then and has no further update!  HELLO! If they promised that the problem would be fixed by 6pm then it should be fixed by 6pm and when I call at 7:30pm and get the same answer, I should have the right to be very upset that they know nothing. 

Century Link has allot of problems.

1)      Customer Service: Nobody likes their job and if I had to answer the phone all day long to angry customers I probably would have the same attitude as the people them.  However, I do not, I pay their salary, and I demand respect, answers, a solution and a credit if they can’t fix the problem. 

2)      Tech Support: Most of the representatives can only troubleshot basic problems.  I understand that, but when I call and I tell you that I am not dumb and have done everything that I possibly can, including a trace report and ping you still tell me its on my end or that they don’t support routers or my favorite is “Mam, I; sorry but I don’t understand what you are telling me.  That is way over my head and if you will just calm down and do what I say I will help you” at this point I am so irate that I am either screaming into the phone (BTW on a side note-my cell phone is in the window and I am standing on the couch because I only have service in that spot because with out internet our ATT Micro Tower will not work and we have no coverage) I try to calm down and tell the rep “Can you please pass me threw to a level 2 support technician who can understand what I am telling you” and the either reply with a “Mame you don’t have to be so rude” or if you would just listen to me we could fix your problem.  At this point, I either hang up the phone or yell louder.

3)      Monopoly: Century link is a monopoly in this rural area.  I do not have any choice to switch to another provider and there are many other just like me who do not have any other option either.  I wish somebody would come in and give them a run for their money.  I thought that the government did not allow this but apparently, it does not apply to Century Link.

If I had been home these last few days I would have gone nuts.  Being without internet for this one night has our entire household in am uproar.  My son needs his YouTube and Facebook, I need My Blog/Internet/Facebook/Twitter and when Momma ain’t happy, nobody in this happy.  

I am already over on my Unlimited but not unlimited roaming data connection with ATT and to get a decent signal I have to stand on my couch and place my phone in the window. 

Its quite the fiasco when you have the dog and 3 people fighting for the couch.  So we can all get   service on our phones. LOL!

So in the end, Century Link needs to get their act together, fix their problems, keep their employees informed on updates or I need to switch to Verizon Wireless and have an Hot Spot in my House.  Hmmmmm…..What would you do?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Flip Offs....

If you missed it last week don't worry,Friday Flip-offs is back again.  Momma Kiss is the host go and check her out and all the others that join in the fun. What a great way to let off some steam and Flip Off the Things or People that Pissed you Off this week.  So here we go.

...People that tell you one thing and then do another!
...Cleaning up cat poop! You try cleaning up after 5 cats! YUCK!
...Mud on my dogs Feet!
...Ice.  Its slippery and when I fall it hurts!
...and once again: ....Endometriosis, cuz the bitch don't ever go away!

Now you go...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday.....Recycled Barn Boards

This weeks I wanted to show you something that I am very proud of and that I did myself.  My husband took down a barn and we saved the wood.  I knew that I wanted to do something with it but was not quit sure what. 

Well one Hot June Saturday afternoon it came to me.  Why not put them half way up the wall in the hall.  So I dug out my miter box out went and measured how high I wanted the boards and started to cut.  After I had all the board on the wall I decided to use the trim that was originally used in between the board to cover up the seems as a chair rail.  That took some time.  I had to figure out how to 45 the corners and make them fight right.  Then I trimmed out the doorways to make it all look complete. 

Check it out and tell me what you think.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.....View from the Top

Cooke City MO, Top of the World, you dont get any higher then this

February 2006 
On Top of a Mountain Somewhere Close to Cooke City Montana 
My Hubby, Me and My Brother In Law

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

School Give Student detention for wearing I ♥ Boobies Cause Bracelet.

Freedom of speech and expression is a thing of the past.  These days you have to watch what you say not to offend the person sitting 2 tables away from you. Even if you are not directly having a conversation or even know that person you may have offed him/her just by saying or wearing something that offend them.

I'm sorry but I believe that everyone has the right to say or wear anything that they want.  Last time I checked I live in the United States and I have the freedom to say whatever I want, and you have the right to not like what I say but I still have the right to say it.

When I pick my son up at school one of the first things I ask him is "How was your day?"  His answer yesterday was not is traditional "Just Dandy" it was "I got detention" I replied with a "What did you do now?" He pulled the detention slip out of his pocket and started to read it to me.

I asked him what happened.  My son's side of the story is that Mrs. Scoblic was following my son in the hallway in between classes and asked Tyler to remove his Bracelet. Tyler did not take it off and proceeded to his locker where he was going to put it in his jacket pocket. He got his books for his next class and forgot to put the bracelet in his jacket pocket and went to his next class.  Mrs. Scoblic followed Tyler and took it away from him.  I'm sure Tyler gave her some grief when she took it from him.  He said that he was mad.

Lets back up a few days.  Last week was snow-fest at school and on Friday the kids were to pick either skiing or shopping at MAO.  My son picked shopping and he and a few friends purchased these I ♥ Boobies bracelets.  He showed it to me when he got home and I gave him that dirty look but when I did he said "Mom its for a good cause!" And I agree with him.  Having a few female problems myself I support the Fight Like a Girl campaign, Pink Ribbon Riders and now the I ♥ Boobies bracelets.   Yes the slogan may not be appropriate for the younger crowd BUT it definitely bring awareness to the cause and thats what it is suppose to do.   

In yesterdays Parent newsletter it stated : Inappropriate bracelets need to be put away while at school or they will be confiscated. Thanks for your cooperation!
All that I could think was, OK I need to talk to Ty about his bracelet and that 
My son was not the only student sporting the bracelet today.  In fact I think the entire Freshman- Senior Class was supporting this cause.  

I'm not sure why my son got narrow out and is being made an example of but I am one of those moms that stand behind their kids.  Even though his original intentions were not of the purest, he is a good kid and always has supported my efforts towards any cause.  I can understand both sides of this situation and I think that my son should have been warned instead of getting detention.

I think what bothers me the most about this situation is the comments that the teachers were making about the kids wearing them.  One Teacher told my son and his friends that "Your parents would be so disappointed in you and ashamed of your behavior." and "Your wasting your money, its not going to the cause and the people that makes these are getting rich off of you!"  

This is a real cause and it is a nonprofit origination and the profit is going to research and cures, and my son spent $4 of his hard earned money to buy a bracelets that is racy and maybe inappropriate to wear in some people eyes. But in the end my son and the rest of the teenagers who bought the bracelet on the school trip are supporting a cause.    

We are not the first school to ban these type of bracelets.  If you do a Google Search you will even find that moms are suing schools , facebook support pages  and even USA Today new articles. 

So tell me; "Is it right for schools to tell students that they can not wear these  I ♥ Boobies Bracelets?" 

Take this poll and let me know what you think about the Rubber  I ♥ Boobies Cause Bracelet? 

Craft Projects....Wall Art

I have had this blank deco frame for about a year and never quite knew what I was going to do with it.  I knew I wanted to put the Hubs and I's 15 year Anniversary picture in it, I just couldn't figure out how to finish it. I bought sticker, wood cut out words, special paper you name it I got it.  

Then all of a sudden it hit me.  Cut your 12 x 12 paper into four pieces.  So thats what I did.  After I had it all glued down I started to lay out the cut outs.  I was not sure if I was going to use them but after leaving them on the frame for about a week, I knew I liked it.  

So here you do.  Wall Art the One Girl Idea Way.

Check out what other crafters are doing: 

Today's Creative Blog

Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to the 35th edition of "Meet Me On Monday!"


1.  Did you get any Valentine's Gifts?

-I got two: First one was this great note from the Hubby.  

Second was a text message from the hubby.  Check it out and this is why I Love My Husband!  Which was followed by this Text Message tonight " Your like a red hot piece of candy, you melt in my mouth"   I have the best husband ever!

2.  What is your favorite topping on something toasted?

-I'm not big on "toasted" things.  If I have toast I like to top it with Raspberry/Rubard Jam or Honey Butter.

3.  Do you pick out your outfit the night before?

-Depends.  When I was in High School I did.  Now, I'm more the what do I feel like wearing today or whats clean to wear today kinda gal.  But if I have something big planned then I know exactly what I am going to wear.

4.  What food item do you absolutely despise?

-I'm a big Food Lover and don't really hate any food.  I will try anything once.  But one food that I really don't care for are "Sweet Potato's".  I will take a "Yam" over them any-day!

5.  Righty or lefty?

-Both, really I can write, bat and eat with both my hands.  I am predominantly Right Handed but when you brake your right hand 4 times you learn how to do things with your other hand.  

and this is why I Love My Husband!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!  

I'm not one to buy into the Hallmark Created Holiday.  I think that every day you should show the one that you love how you feel.  

I tell my husband that I don't want flowers or candy and that if he is going to do something for Valentine's Day that I would appreciate something handmade and from the heart.  My husband is not crafty so there are no frilly handmade valentines, those are usually reserved by me.  Instead he usually uses post-it notes or notebook paper.  

This morning I awoke to a great handmade note and his peanut butter chocolate snowman from Christmas that he didn't eat and the best Text message in the world.  

You have to give him credit.  His text message was straight from the heart and maybe a little bit inspired from the Faith Hill Superbowl Commercial. 

He made my day. Not only did he listen to me and give me something that was original , when I read it and he made me smile!

.....and this is why I love my Husband!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Flip-offs.

Trying something new this week.  Friday Flip-offs.  Saw this over at Momma Kiss and thought that I would join in the fun.  What a great way to let off some steam and Flip Off the Things or People that Pissed you Off this week.  So here we go.

....People that say they will call you on a certain day and then don't.

...Boss's that are always right, even when they are wrong!

....Fat, just because!

....Endometriosis, cuz the bitch don't ever go away!

...Below ZERO weather!

Now you go.....

Trace Adkins - Brown Chicken Brown Cow

I love Trace Adkins....Hot Momma, Every Light in the house is on.  But this ones gotta take them all!

Trace Adkins - Brown Chicken Brown Cow: "Cowboy's Back In Town"


Sundays at our house are supposed to be Technology Free! Harder to do then expected.

For me and my son Technology Free Sundays is a hard lesson. We try really, really hard to disconnect but there are times when we simply just forget that its Technology free day and make a dash for our laptops! 

I started Technology free Sundays, on a whim when my husband made a comment that my all my son and I do is sit on our computers.  Mostly he is right, but he doesn't understand that I'm actually working. My husband is old school and won't come to the 21st century and join us in this technology driven world. 

We-my son and I told him that if we had to go a day without Internet that he had to at least incorporate one day during the week to include it.  He often asks the son to look things up for him, instead of asking our son to do it for him we told him that he had to ask us how to do it himself.

So I'm sure your wondering what in the world do you do on Sundays when you are not able to surf the Internet, facebook, tweet, craigslist, blog or any of the other wonderful things the Internet has to offer.  

Well we try to get back to the way life was before the Internet.  We play board games, go for bike rides, take a walk, shop, play game out in the yard or even just watch TV or a movie together.  

Its mostly easier said then done.  I find myself seeking on my iPhone looking at Twitter to see what my friends are up to.  I find it hard to disconnect when I am so connected.  It is so much of who I am and what I do that I find it hard to separate myself.  

But I do unplug and get back to what family is all about.  I find the easiest time for me to unplug is when we go camping.  Most times my phone does not work in the woods and even if it does I leave it in the camper and only look at it when my son is off chasing after girls....I feel the need to text my BFF and tell her what he is doing, she can relate and assures me that everything will be ok, which in turn lets me get back to spending time with my boy, and really thats what this is all about!

So who else unplugs?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


@TheFunsucker @Mofthesea ooooh Okaaay then we are WOTHIAOEMs <----- Work Outside The Home In An Office Environment Moms #31dbbb #cwpit
Saw the above tweet on awhile back and thought what?!? I had never heard that before and thought it was quite interesting.  I'm proud to say that I am a "WOTHIAOEM" and I love every minute of it.  Even when I'm pulling my hair out cuz I can't get my blogging in or need more time to get the laundry done or didn't make dinner for the FiveHundredth Time.  I'm a "WOTHIAOEM" and I love every minute of it!

Thrifty Thursday at Bloggeritaville!

Today my find is again from Target.  I think I mentioned in Last Weeks Thrifty Thursday Post that I am the "Target End Cap Clearance Queen" ! Well this weeks find comes from Target again and I think it was just what my Bedroom Needed.

We have lived in our house for over 6 years.  I have not yet unpacked all the box's that housed wall hangings and nicknack's.  There are several reasons why but the one in particular I will tell you about it because I hate our Bedroom.  

In our last house we remodel the bedroom around a new bed.  We build a pine closet with double pane panels, Queen Ann molding, beautiful burgundy wall and Green carpet.  The new bedroom is ugly and we didn't and still don't have enough money to remodel it.  

Last weeks finds inspired me to finish some wall art I had been working on and hang some pictures up in the bedroom to make it look like we at least live here and feel more at home.  

So here is the the group of frames that I got.  

Each I found on clearance for $6.24!  Yes I said Six Dollars and Twenty Four Cents!  

I think they really look nice.  They add a bit of me and my hubby to our room and it really makes it look like we live here.

Here are pictures of them individually.  I think the Black and White photos really added to them.

This one has Brown Tone or Sepia pictures

So what did you find this week that was Thrifty Thursday worthy?  

Thirsty Thursday's!

So I was telling my family that I had to finish my post for Thrifty Thursday and my son screams from the kitchen...Thirsty Thursday and I say no Thrifty Thursday but what a great idea for a Thursday Meme.  

So this is how it works.  Every week, sometime Early Thursday Morning I will post my Thirsty Thursday Drink Recipe for everyone to enjoy . It may or may not include alcohol depends on my mood.  

Then you Grab the cute Button I made and place it on your blog post and link back to my blog.  

Make sure you link up at the bottom of the post so everyone can check out your Thirsty Thursday Recipe!  

All Drink recipes will be available on this blog on the menu bar labeled Thirsty Thursday's.  

Then sit back...mix yourself up one or two of this weeks favorites and Enjoy! 


Thirsty Thursday 
Drink Recipe #1 

Sex on the Beach

1 Shot Malibu® coconut rum
Pineapple Juice
Orange Juice
1 Dash Grenadine Syrup
1 Splash Cream

Pour the rum into a highball glass. Almost-fill with pineapple juice and orange juice, and top with grenadine and cream. Coconut rum can be substituted for Malibu rum.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Boy's; Don't try this at home!

Yes this is ME!  And Yes ,Boy's did try this and I had to pull them out!
Take my advice.  If you can't run with the Big Dog's Stay on the Porch!

REVIEW WEDNESDAY...The Coffee Company Hutchinson #RWX

Coffee CompanyThe Coffee Company 
903 Highway 15 S # 200, Hutchinson, MN 55350-3194(320) 587-8420
My review:
This is the place to grab your favorite Cup of Joe. You name it they will make it. Coffee,Mocha, Tea, and Frappes.  If your hungry stay for a : Cusabi Melt-just the right amount of kick! Make this Coffee Shop a regular stop and if you do they will reward you with a frequent fillers card that will earn you a free cup of Joe after you purchase 10.  Stop in next time your in the Hutchinson area, you won't be disappointed.

My Review Wednesday #RWX this week is for The Coffee Company in Hutchinson MN.  Check it out here:

Day 30- 30 Days of Truth... A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

30 Days of TruthWell today is the last day of this 30 Days of Truth Challenge.  If you have been paying attention and logging on everyday to see what the next post will be about I Thank You and you have enjoyed it.  Quit honestly I have gotten better at this posting business because of it.  You also no that it took a little longer then 30 days.  Sorry- life seems to get in the way of all this fun sometimes.

SO here you go; Day 30 of The 30 Days of Truth.  A letter to myself:

Dear One Girl Ideas:

First I would like to tell you that I am very proud of you.  There are several reasons why and I will list them below.

1) You have stuck to this blog thing scene July when you teamed up with TheSITS Girls.  Your goal was to post at least once a week and you post at least once a day.  Good for you! Keep it up!

2) Your a great mom.  No really you are.  You have heard it from more then one person and the most important person you heard it from is your son. Now believe him and know that you are a great mom!

3) Your a Go-Get-er! True it may get you into trouble someday's but most of the time its because your husband does not understand you.  You see the problem and you don't stop until you find a solution.  Do you have any idea how much time and money you have saved your loved one and how much they really appreciated what you do.  I know you don't so try to start realizing that what you do is important and appreciated.

4) You may think that not having a college degree limits you.  Stop thinking that way.  You are smart, creative and full of great ideas.  Any company would be stupid not to hire you because there is no piece of paper or a BA or BS behind your name.  If it is that important to you, go back to school and get the degree you want.  You have time and you can do it.

5) Your so caring: Yes there are days that you should put that caring nature behind you so you don't hurt yourself but when it comes down to it that is why everyone loves you so much.  Stay true to yourself and don't let anyone tell you to not give so much of yourself and where your  emotions on your sleeve.  You know when to show them and when not to you getting very good at it.

6) Keep setting your standards high-everything you want is in your reach it's just going to take sometime.  Don't rush things they will come.

I could go on and on but I will try and keep this short.  Keep up the good work on the blog, you have people that really like to read what you have to say and don't be so surprised at the numbers of viewers, and don't get offended when you loose a follower on Twitter, just unfollow them back, then they will know how you feel too!

Love always, 
Your Biggest Fan
One Girl Ideas