Saturday, February 5, 2011

SuperBowl Traditions...SuperBowl 2011

Ever scene I can remember, my dad and I have had a bet on who will win the SuperBowl.  Really I think we have been doing this scene I was about 5.

The bet is a WHOLE PENNY.  Yes ONE CENT!

Its not so much about the Penny but the bragging rights that go along with it.  See for an entire year, the one that wins gets to rub it in the other face that they one.

6 years ago we also decided that we would make that Penny into a Football Trophy.  The trophy is much bigger and displays better then the Penny.

We only have one rule, I get to pick the team that I want to win and he gets the other team.  And I have until Kick Off to pick which team I want.

When I was in my teenage years I would choose my team by which QuaterBack had the Better Butt. Most times I would win.

In the last 3 year I have lost.  The way I choose my team has changed.  I now go by statics and who's Defensive line is better and the Quarterbacks records.  I know more analytical.  Maybe because I know more about football now.

This year I'm not sure what way to go.  I'm a Viking Fan, so I'm not big on wanting the Packers to win.  But the Stealer are not a NFC team and I would much rather a NFC team win then a AFC team.

I think I might go back to the old way of thinking and go with which QuaterBack has the cutest Butt!

Do you have any SuperBowl Traditions and How do you Pick your Team?

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