Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 28-30 Days of Truth... What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

Well first of all I would have ALLOT of explaining to do.  Cuz my hubby is Fixed.  He took one for the team and go his tubes cut so I could go off the pill and try and get all my Endro under control.  He's a super guy!

My friend from High School found out she was pregnant after our Girl Reunion last February.  She was running late for our meeting and when she got there she said she was not feeling good.  A week later she found out she was pregnant!  So that started the OMG! What if that as me question.

I was very excited for her.  I would love to opportunity to have another child, but for me its not written in the stars.  I was very, very lucky to be able to have my son-the miracle baby.  See I was diagnosed with having Endometroisis when I was just 16 years old.  They had told me that I might never be able to have a baby, and that it would depend on how fast the Endro would spread and when I would have a child.  

Jay and I were together at the time and he talked about having kids from the very beginning of our friendship.  He comes from a very large family and having kids was very important to him.  When I found out that I had Endro and what my chances of having a child were I told him that he did not have to stay with me and to find someone else that could give him a child.  Mind you we were 16.  Jay told me that very day that he loved me and that he would stay with me no matter what and that it did not matter if we could have a child or not.  He has stood by what he said for the last 20 years.  I am a very lucky lady to have such a wonderful man.  

Anyways back to the story....I think when I was younger I took advantage of all the little things.  I would get upset when I had to get up in the middle of the night and feed my son.  I though all that I did was Feed and Change him.  Now 15 years later I wish I could feed and change him again and have him sit on my lap and feed him a bottle as he fell asleep.  

I would stop and notice all the little things I overlooked when he was young.  I would be there for every minute.  I suppose you can say that I am trying to do that now.  I volunteer for everything I can that my son is involved with.  I love our drives to and from school and I cherish every minute he wants to spend with me.  My hubby tells me I'm smothering him but he would tell me if I was and even if I do I'm gonna do it until he tell me not to. 

So if I got my second chance...I would embrace is.  After I freaked out!

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