Friday, February 11, 2011


Sundays at our house are supposed to be Technology Free! Harder to do then expected.

For me and my son Technology Free Sundays is a hard lesson. We try really, really hard to disconnect but there are times when we simply just forget that its Technology free day and make a dash for our laptops! 

I started Technology free Sundays, on a whim when my husband made a comment that my all my son and I do is sit on our computers.  Mostly he is right, but he doesn't understand that I'm actually working. My husband is old school and won't come to the 21st century and join us in this technology driven world. 

We-my son and I told him that if we had to go a day without Internet that he had to at least incorporate one day during the week to include it.  He often asks the son to look things up for him, instead of asking our son to do it for him we told him that he had to ask us how to do it himself.

So I'm sure your wondering what in the world do you do on Sundays when you are not able to surf the Internet, facebook, tweet, craigslist, blog or any of the other wonderful things the Internet has to offer.  

Well we try to get back to the way life was before the Internet.  We play board games, go for bike rides, take a walk, shop, play game out in the yard or even just watch TV or a movie together.  

Its mostly easier said then done.  I find myself seeking on my iPhone looking at Twitter to see what my friends are up to.  I find it hard to disconnect when I am so connected.  It is so much of who I am and what I do that I find it hard to separate myself.  

But I do unplug and get back to what family is all about.  I find the easiest time for me to unplug is when we go camping.  Most times my phone does not work in the woods and even if it does I leave it in the camper and only look at it when my son is off chasing after girls....I feel the need to text my BFF and tell her what he is doing, she can relate and assures me that everything will be ok, which in turn lets me get back to spending time with my boy, and really thats what this is all about!

So who else unplugs?

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