Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Flip Offs....

I can stop,Friday Flip-offs is back again.  Momma Kiss is the host.Go and check her out and all the others that join in the fun. What a great way to let off some steam and Flip Off the Things or People that Pissed you Off this week.  So here we go.

This weeks Flip-offs kinda have a theme.  Sorry I spent way to much time with way to many boys last week and I need to blow off some steam!

...Boys that think just cuz your a girl you should clean up after them.
...Boys that don't give Girls the Respect they Deserve!
...Boys that never look back to see if you are there.
...Boys that only think of themselves.
...Boys that talk to much.
...Boys that think they know everything, when they don't.
...Boy that are selfish.

...and once again: ....Endometriosis, cuz the bitch don't ever go away!

Now you go...  

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