Monday, February 14, 2011

and this is why I Love My Husband!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!  

I'm not one to buy into the Hallmark Created Holiday.  I think that every day you should show the one that you love how you feel.  

I tell my husband that I don't want flowers or candy and that if he is going to do something for Valentine's Day that I would appreciate something handmade and from the heart.  My husband is not crafty so there are no frilly handmade valentines, those are usually reserved by me.  Instead he usually uses post-it notes or notebook paper.  

This morning I awoke to a great handmade note and his peanut butter chocolate snowman from Christmas that he didn't eat and the best Text message in the world.  

You have to give him credit.  His text message was straight from the heart and maybe a little bit inspired from the Faith Hill Superbowl Commercial. 

He made my day. Not only did he listen to me and give me something that was original , when I read it and he made me smile!

.....and this is why I love my Husband!

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