Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unexceptable phone edicate from the Husband

Everyday my Son calls me at 3:04pm and asks me what's going on.  Why? Well because we have to figure out who is going to go and pick him up from school.  I used to have the sole responsibility but now that the Hubs is a garbageman and works only 8 hours a day and goes in before the sun is up he is able to share the responsibility with me.  

Today was no different from any other day.  My son called and asked what was up and if I had heard from Dad. I said "nope, I haven't gotten a text telling me that he is coming to get you so I assume that I will be picking you up" he responds "OK, sounds good" End of conversation.  So I go back to work.

13 minutes later I get a phone call from the Husband.  I excuse myself to The State of MN Sales and Use Tax Auditor and tell him that I need to take this call.

I have to answer my phone calls on speaker because I work in a tin shed and the only place I get service is in the window.  So I answer and the Husband starts to go off on me.  "Have you heard from the Kid? I have been waiting in the Fucking Parking Lot sense 3pm and the Fucker has not come out.  I have sent him 3 Fucking Text messages and the Fucker has not replied."  I calmly reply " Yes I talked to him and since we had not heard from you we assumed that I would be picking him up so I'm sure he is in school working on home work or taken a test." He continues to swear up a storm.  I break into the conversion and say "I have the State Auditor with me right now and since you are at school and have this situation under control, we can discuss this situation when I get home." 

I really don't think he quite understood what I said.  Sometimes well put and educated sentence go over his head and he continued to swear.  I politely told him again that there was nothing I could do now for him since I was still at work and needed get back to work.  He swore again and hung up.

I apologized to the Auditor for my husbands profanity. He gracefully understood and said that it is simply how you two communicate and understood that I am a mom and a wife too and he also puts his wife in the coordinator situation and understands how awkward and frustrating it can be at times.  I thanked him for understanding and all that I could think about was how mad I was at the Husband.

He really did not understand what kind of situation he put me into.  I told him that I could easily get fired for his profanity and his response was "Well you could have hung up with me" I replied with "Do you have any idea how unprofessional that would have been?" he didn't.  I had to explain it to him. 

He finally apologized but it was followed by a "WHATEVER" I calmly told him that he needs to take responsibly for his actions and that I was sick of it not ever being his fault.   He replied with a "I screwed up and I'm sorry" 

I'm still mad at him and all night he has mad me fell like it is still my fault for him acting like he did.  

I think this, along with several other reasons is why us working moms have such a fucking hard time balancing working and family!

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