Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Century Link Sucks Again....5 day Internet Outage!

Nonproductive Blogging….

After a 5 day vacation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I thought that I would come back all refreshed and ready to tackle everything.  I had major Blog/Internet/Facebook/Twitter withdrawal.  I recently published a blog post about me unplugging.  Usually it’s hard for me to just disconnect for one day let alone 5. 
So its back to basics for this post.  Composing it in WORD, saving it to a flash drive and then tomorrow at work I will upload it. Because we have internet at work.
So I guess this post once again turns into a Century Link Sucks post.  Since Century bought out Embarq I have had nothing but problems.  I can count on being without internet at least once a month.  It gets old really, really quickly.  

Then when you call Tech Support you get someone on the phone who thinks you’re an IDIOT.  I patiently wait for them to ask me my name, account number and if I have powered the modem off and Hard Reset it.   I tell them yes and that I had already tried that before I called and the problem is defiantly on their end so all I want is to know any updated status.  The last time I called in the rep said that the internet would be back on at 6pm and it is now 7:30pm and still nothing.  The rep puts me on hold and say that I am correct and the problem should have been fixed by then and has no further update!  HELLO! If they promised that the problem would be fixed by 6pm then it should be fixed by 6pm and when I call at 7:30pm and get the same answer, I should have the right to be very upset that they know nothing. 

Century Link has allot of problems.

1)      Customer Service: Nobody likes their job and if I had to answer the phone all day long to angry customers I probably would have the same attitude as the people them.  However, I do not, I pay their salary, and I demand respect, answers, a solution and a credit if they can’t fix the problem. 

2)      Tech Support: Most of the representatives can only troubleshot basic problems.  I understand that, but when I call and I tell you that I am not dumb and have done everything that I possibly can, including a trace report and ping you still tell me its on my end or that they don’t support routers or my favorite is “Mam, I; sorry but I don’t understand what you are telling me.  That is way over my head and if you will just calm down and do what I say I will help you” at this point I am so irate that I am either screaming into the phone (BTW on a side note-my cell phone is in the window and I am standing on the couch because I only have service in that spot because with out internet our ATT Micro Tower will not work and we have no coverage) I try to calm down and tell the rep “Can you please pass me threw to a level 2 support technician who can understand what I am telling you” and the either reply with a “Mame you don’t have to be so rude” or if you would just listen to me we could fix your problem.  At this point, I either hang up the phone or yell louder.

3)      Monopoly: Century link is a monopoly in this rural area.  I do not have any choice to switch to another provider and there are many other just like me who do not have any other option either.  I wish somebody would come in and give them a run for their money.  I thought that the government did not allow this but apparently, it does not apply to Century Link.

If I had been home these last few days I would have gone nuts.  Being without internet for this one night has our entire household in am uproar.  My son needs his YouTube and Facebook, I need My Blog/Internet/Facebook/Twitter and when Momma ain’t happy, nobody in this happy.  

I am already over on my Unlimited but not unlimited roaming data connection with ATT and to get a decent signal I have to stand on my couch and place my phone in the window. 

Its quite the fiasco when you have the dog and 3 people fighting for the couch.  So we can all get   service on our phones. LOL!

So in the end, Century Link needs to get their act together, fix their problems, keep their employees informed on updates or I need to switch to Verizon Wireless and have an Hot Spot in my House.  Hmmmmm…..What would you do?


  1. This is HORRIBLE!!!!!

    I suggest composing a letter and snail mailing into headquarters. It's amazing how fast of a reply you can get when you send a piece of paper (I speak from experience!). You can call and call until your blue in the face, but send a letter in the mail and people jump! Keep blogging and posting too! And try hard to keep call when dealing with tech support- they didn't cause the problem, they "just work there" which is annoying.. but I find the calmer I am, the scarier they find me ;)

    Good Luck!!

    ps- have you tried contacting any other service providers to at least tell them the huge demand you have for another provider? We never had Verison up north hear, but I had Verizon cell from when I lived in Mpls, so every time I called, I asked when they were moving up north- and now we have them. Not that I think I did it, but can't say it didn't help right? ;)

  2. if you still have trouble and can't get i resolved call the utility's commission and you will