Tuesday, February 15, 2011

School Give Student detention for wearing I ♥ Boobies Cause Bracelet.

Freedom of speech and expression is a thing of the past.  These days you have to watch what you say not to offend the person sitting 2 tables away from you. Even if you are not directly having a conversation or even know that person you may have offed him/her just by saying or wearing something that offend them.

I'm sorry but I believe that everyone has the right to say or wear anything that they want.  Last time I checked I live in the United States and I have the freedom to say whatever I want, and you have the right to not like what I say but I still have the right to say it.

When I pick my son up at school one of the first things I ask him is "How was your day?"  His answer yesterday was not is traditional "Just Dandy" it was "I got detention" I replied with a "What did you do now?" He pulled the detention slip out of his pocket and started to read it to me.

I asked him what happened.  My son's side of the story is that Mrs. Scoblic was following my son in the hallway in between classes and asked Tyler to remove his Bracelet. Tyler did not take it off and proceeded to his locker where he was going to put it in his jacket pocket. He got his books for his next class and forgot to put the bracelet in his jacket pocket and went to his next class.  Mrs. Scoblic followed Tyler and took it away from him.  I'm sure Tyler gave her some grief when she took it from him.  He said that he was mad.

Lets back up a few days.  Last week was snow-fest at school and on Friday the kids were to pick either skiing or shopping at MAO.  My son picked shopping and he and a few friends purchased these I ♥ Boobies bracelets.  He showed it to me when he got home and I gave him that dirty look but when I did he said "Mom its for a good cause!" And I agree with him.  Having a few female problems myself I support the Fight Like a Girl campaign, Pink Ribbon Riders and now the I ♥ Boobies bracelets.   Yes the slogan may not be appropriate for the younger crowd BUT it definitely bring awareness to the cause and thats what it is suppose to do.   

In yesterdays Parent newsletter it stated : Inappropriate bracelets need to be put away while at school or they will be confiscated. Thanks for your cooperation!
All that I could think was, OK I need to talk to Ty about his bracelet and that 
My son was not the only student sporting the bracelet today.  In fact I think the entire Freshman- Senior Class was supporting this cause.  

I'm not sure why my son got narrow out and is being made an example of but I am one of those moms that stand behind their kids.  Even though his original intentions were not of the purest, he is a good kid and always has supported my efforts towards any cause.  I can understand both sides of this situation and I think that my son should have been warned instead of getting detention.

I think what bothers me the most about this situation is the comments that the teachers were making about the kids wearing them.  One Teacher told my son and his friends that "Your parents would be so disappointed in you and ashamed of your behavior." and "Your wasting your money, its not going to the cause and the people that makes these are getting rich off of you!"  

This is a real cause and it is a nonprofit origination and the profit is going to research and cures, and my son spent $4 of his hard earned money to buy a bracelets that is racy and maybe inappropriate to wear in some people eyes. But in the end my son and the rest of the teenagers who bought the bracelet on the school trip are supporting a cause.    

We are not the first school to ban these type of bracelets.  If you do a Google Search you will even find that moms are suing schools , facebook support pages  and even USA Today new articles. 

So tell me; "Is it right for schools to tell students that they can not wear these  I ♥ Boobies Bracelets?" 

Take this poll and let me know what you think about the Rubber  I ♥ Boobies Cause Bracelet? 


  1. I think it's ridiculous. Breasts are just a part of the body - the same as an arm or a leg. Yes, the boys are getting a good chuckle from wearing them, but this overreaction by teachers is what causes people to have body issues and to be judgmental and close minded. It irks me to no end that the people that are supposed to be teaching our children are so uncomfortable with what is just basic anatomy. Ugh!

  2. Exactly! Just an update from this situation. 2 Older Girls got suspended for not taking the bracelets off. I think they are going a bit to far.

  3. Kids are given detention these days for looking at someone wrong. The one size fits all method (zero tolerance) of discipline is easier for administrators. I have been fighting my own battles at my son's school and it borders on ridiculous.