Friday, January 27, 2012

Playing with Color

As you might remember I mentioned that I have stared another project-this time to improve my photography skills.  This week I started playing with Black & White and adding small color burts.  I thought I would share.  If you are courious about all the other pictrues I have taken or want to join the challenge you can find my photo blog here One Girl Ideas Project 52 .  If you want the details on Project 52 you can visit My Four Hens Photography.  

Different Decisions

Different Decisions

Guest post from: Kent Lara

It is funny how little things make you look at something differently. For instance, my husband and I have been married for five years. We have lived in our house for four years. We have always been happy with our neighborhood and the surrounding areas of our town. We have had our car for three years. We always loved having a small, compact car that was very economical on the gas. Then, we found out I was pregnant about six months ago. Since then, we have reevaluated some of our major decisions and decided we may need to change some of them, in order to fit a baby into our lives a little easier. Luckily, all the changes could be made pretty easy. We did a quick search of home security family on our computer and found a company that we liked to install a home security system to make our house feel a little safer and give us peace of mind. After that was installed, we put our car for sell. We are going to need something a little bigger to fit a carseat. Since we go to a big church, as soon as word got out that we were looking to sell our car, a family with a teen driver approached us about buying it. Then, it was back to the computer to research a car for us before deciding and making our purchase. But here we are today, a week away from my due date with all the adjustments to our life made so that we are ready to welcome our son into the world.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Featured over at Living Life with Purpose


Today I'm the featured "Game Changerover at Livin Life with Purpose Stop over Angela's blog and check out my interview!

Spend a fun evening at the Hutchinson Center for the Arts and enjoy an Italian dinner with live, comedic entertainment Saturday night. Cutura Cucina is a fund raiser for the arts center.

Many of you will probably go out to dinner this weekend anyways  why not stay close to home – save money on gas – and help the arts center, a non profit organization, instead of a private business in the cities?

Tickets are only $25 per person. Reservations must be made in advance. Call 587-7278 or email for tickets.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Inappropriate interview questions.

As many of you know, my current state of employment is officially set as a Freelancer. I would like to make this my permeant career path but the Hubs thinks that I should work a full-time more then 40 hour week job at a real company that actually pays me by the hour and provides benefits.  Its kind of a soar subject around our house and until I can either 1) Have enough steady clients of my own to provide a stable income or 2) Get someone to see all the potential in me and hire me on a full-time basis in the Social Media/Online Marketing field... then I will keep looking for that Golden Job Opportunity.  

So back to the subject, I have been on lots of interviews and got called back for 2nd and even 3rd interviews, but nothing seems to pan out.  In this quest I have heard it all. From "Are you Married?" to "How many Children do you have?" But the all time question that tops the cake is "How does your husband feel about you having a full-time job in such demand and in upper level managerial level? "  This questions leads to my topic.....

How exactly do you respond to this? Do you act casually and answer the question or tell the jerk that its none of his business and has nothing to do with the way I would perform this job?

Me, I have no filter and don't want to cause any more tension and I just shrug my shoulders and answer the question like its no big deal and the answer the question like I was talking to a long lost friend, when in my mind I'm thinking "Man your a jerk!~You can't ask me questions like that, it's totally illegal, and you have just lost all my respect and I there is no way in HEDOUBLEHOCKELYSTICKS that I will ever come work for you!!!"  So I just smile and keep talking and say "My husband is a very supportive man and wants me to be successful and supports everything I do" when I should have told him that not only is the question that he just asked illegal and personal but none of his business and will not effect how I perform the job in anyway!  

Why must I do this to myself, I'm just an open book and tell everyone everything!  I have no filter! Maybe its just that I'm such an honest person and don't hide behind anything. I am who I am and let everyone know it, and if you don't like who I am thats fine, but with me you get what you see.  There is no filters or walls in-between.  

In the mean time look out for those Herb Tarlek, Sleazy, Tan Type Bosses!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Project 52

So I Started another project...ya I know like I need something else to do :) just like I need a hole in my head.  But since I bought this fancy new camera I though that I should learn how to use it and take some awesome pictures in the process.  

Its called "Project 52" and its a one picture a week for a year.  My Four Hens Photography is the host and she annoyance the subject on Sundays and you have a week to shoot a picture of what that topic means to you.  I'm a week behind so I just started at week 2.  I stated another blog to post all the pictures and for everyone to follow along. Its called Project 52: One Girl Ideas .  Join me in all the fun.  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sons and Girlfriends

A while back I posted about my Son and his new found freedom  Teenagers...let the worrying begin! and said that I would write at a later date about his new girlfriend.  

I had planned on writing about how in some ways I'm just like Bobby Boucher's (pronounced "Boo-SHAY") Mama from the waterboy.  Because at this point I think that any girl is the "Devil" and I can totally see my son and I having this conversation:

Mama Boucher: You gonna lose all your fancy "fools' balls" games! And your gonna fail your big exam! Because school is? 
Bobby Boucher: The devil? [Mama gasps
Bobby Boucher: Everything is the devil to you, Mama! Well, I like school, and I like football! And I'm gonna keep doin' them both because they make me feel good!
 Bobby Boucher: [Bobby runs out, slamming the door, then comes back in] And by the way, Mama. "Alligators" are ornery 'cause of their "Medula Oblongata"! 
 Bobby Boucher: [Bobby runs back out, then back in again] And I like Vicki, and she like me back! And she showed me her boobies and I like them too! [slams door on Mama
and of course: My son Loves his Mama!

The minute I found out that my son was in a relationship I saw Tweeder from Varsity Blues walking around caring that Baseball Bat singing "She broke my heart, so I broke her Jaw" but the quote that runs through my head is "She Broke his Heart, So I Broke Her Jaw!" and believe me I so would do it! Nobody hurts my baby and gets away with it!!!

In another previous blog post, I wrote about my Future Daughter-in-Law worries.... and how I have the most perfect son and how I was totally worried that some day I would no longer be #1.  Well I no longer worry about that. My son reads my blog and jokes with me on occasion how everyone in the world knows now much I love him, and he's right- well at least everyone that reads my blog knows now much I love him and I shouldn't be worried about being replaced because he will never replace me. I am his mom and only his mom. I'm not the girlfriend or future wife and I will always have a place in his life. I joked with him telling him that "Girls would come and go, but his mama would always be in his life, no matter what!" Not that he wanted to here that but on the other hand he needed to here it.  I know now that there is no need to worry about being replaced. I will always have a place in his life.

Not that I don't worry about him having a girlfriend, or finding "Mrs. Right" or if I will like her or not. Tyler is a great young man and has his head on straight for the most part and will pick the girl that is right for him-not the one that is right for mom. That girl will be the luckiest woman in the world and I will love her with all my heart because he loves her with all of his.  "BUTT" girlfriends beware~if you Break my Babies'd better DUCK because when I swing I won't miss!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's the most irksome Facebook request?

35% Quizzes. "Which literary heroine/classic movie/pizza toppings are you?" 

 32% A friend request from a stranger. 

 23% Invitations to join random groups. "Share memories of camp Slippery Elm!"  

10% A friend request from a near stranger-that is,someone from the distant past-with no message.

 *statics came from January issue of Real Simple magazine

Monday, January 9, 2012

3 thing to ask yourself before your next status update!

1) Am I trying to make up for something I'm not getting in real life? Posting or tweeting to 500 "friends" just isn't the same as venting to your nearest and dearest. Online isn't easier to interpret things as we wish them to be and avoid. In tough times, yu need a supportive friend who can offer real advice, even advice that you might not want to hear. 

 2) Am I really sharing? Pretend that you are writing a letter to a friend. Don't they deserve more then a "TPS report. And would you berate her for not being brave enough to sharing her bra size for breast cancer research. (if you truly care about an issue "like" an organization that supports it on Facebook) 

 3) Would I tell Matt Lauer on Today? No? Well then reconsider. Wait a little bit before you push the post button. Write it and then leave it for five minutes. Then come back to it re-read it and if it still makes since and you feel strongly about sharing it then hit the post button! Just remember the note rent is not wrote in's written in ink!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's the most annoying kind of Facebook update?

How many of you are guilty of these? I know I have over violated most of them at times. 

 24% Intentionally vague posts meant to generate concern and attention, a.k.a vaugebooking. "Jennifer wonders whether it's all been worth it." 

 20% Chronic complaining. "Ugh, who ordered this RAIN? It's making my carpal tunnel act up again?" 

 19% Meaningless calls to action. "If you want to fight world hunger, put the color of your socks as your status update for the next hand hour. I want to see who is brave enough to take a stand?" 

 14% Oversharing. "Note to self: Next time, wear a thing with a wrap dress." 13% Miscellaneous posts-including polarizing religious or political statements, indecipherable txt spk, and game updates. 

 10% Posting too frequently. "12:03: Chicken salad or Tuna? 12:12: Chicken! Thanks for the responses." If your friends are guilty of these, you can elimate them by moving your mouse to the right of the post, from the drop down menu you can limit the types of post you see from that friend or unsubscribe from their status updates, without removing them as a friend. 

 *statics came from January issue of Real Simple magazine

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All in 1 fitness Open House 1/9/12-1-14/12


All In 1 Fitness Grand Opening Offers Plenty of Great Deals and Giveaways 

Mound, Minnesota – December 16, 2011 – All in 1 Fitness is celebrating its grand opening with its new location and plethora of deals and giveaways. This event runs from January 9th through January 14th and gives patrons and new customers a chance to win one month of personal training, one month of unlimited classes  and items like an autographed Vikings jersey and football, and Gander Mountain Footwear.  Anyone who registers for a class can enter the drawing and possibly win these prizes. 

This grand opening event also offers great savings: New All In 1 Fitness clients can try two 1 on 1 personal training sessions or two weeks of group class FREE!   Plus 1 on 1 personal training is just $29 per session, and unlimited instructor-led group training CTX30 Extreme Circuit training is just $79 per month. The fitness center's cardio center now has a new feature as well: keyless access that allows 1 on 1 clients to do cardio work form 5am -10pm 7 days a week.  

An open house with a Free Smoothie Bar and Food with  be held Thursday January 12 from 4-8pm.  Come and join them. 
All In 1 Fitness is at 2191 Commerce Blvd. in Mound, Minnesota and serves the Lake Minnetonka area. It specializes in group training CTX30 Extreme Circuit training, 30 minute 1 on 1 personal training, and 30 minute boot camp classes. Its exclusive 30-minute workout burns fat, increases strength, and improves endurance through a unique blend of Spinning, Body Pump, boot camp, step, and core exercises. 

Personal training is available by appointment from Monday to Saturday every week. Group training is held Monday through Friday at 6:00 AM, 6:30 AM, 9:00 AM, and 6:00 PM. On Saturday, a group training class is available at 9:00 AM. 

All in1 fitness 
2191 Commerce Blvd. 
Mound, Minnesota 55364 
Phone: (952) 472-6282


Diesel trying to get her toys out of a Laundry Basket!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Here's to a great year!

May the worries of 2011 be washed away and 2012 bring New Adventure, Happiness, Love, Family and more then you can imagine!  

Here's to 2012!!!