Monday, January 16, 2012

Inappropriate interview questions.

As many of you know, my current state of employment is officially set as a Freelancer. I would like to make this my permeant career path but the Hubs thinks that I should work a full-time more then 40 hour week job at a real company that actually pays me by the hour and provides benefits.  Its kind of a soar subject around our house and until I can either 1) Have enough steady clients of my own to provide a stable income or 2) Get someone to see all the potential in me and hire me on a full-time basis in the Social Media/Online Marketing field... then I will keep looking for that Golden Job Opportunity.  

So back to the subject, I have been on lots of interviews and got called back for 2nd and even 3rd interviews, but nothing seems to pan out.  In this quest I have heard it all. From "Are you Married?" to "How many Children do you have?" But the all time question that tops the cake is "How does your husband feel about you having a full-time job in such demand and in upper level managerial level? "  This questions leads to my topic.....

How exactly do you respond to this? Do you act casually and answer the question or tell the jerk that its none of his business and has nothing to do with the way I would perform this job?

Me, I have no filter and don't want to cause any more tension and I just shrug my shoulders and answer the question like its no big deal and the answer the question like I was talking to a long lost friend, when in my mind I'm thinking "Man your a jerk!~You can't ask me questions like that, it's totally illegal, and you have just lost all my respect and I there is no way in HEDOUBLEHOCKELYSTICKS that I will ever come work for you!!!"  So I just smile and keep talking and say "My husband is a very supportive man and wants me to be successful and supports everything I do" when I should have told him that not only is the question that he just asked illegal and personal but none of his business and will not effect how I perform the job in anyway!  

Why must I do this to myself, I'm just an open book and tell everyone everything!  I have no filter! Maybe its just that I'm such an honest person and don't hide behind anything. I am who I am and let everyone know it, and if you don't like who I am thats fine, but with me you get what you see.  There is no filters or walls in-between.  

In the mean time look out for those Herb Tarlek, Sleazy, Tan Type Bosses!


  1. I have heard the same story from many people. Before I retired, it was one of my duties to do interviews. We had a strict guideline of do and do not questions. An interview may take longer to get an impression of the applicant, but a longer interview also gave the applicant a better idea of what I expected.

  2. I just don't get it, why must people be like that?