Monday, January 9, 2012

3 thing to ask yourself before your next status update!

1) Am I trying to make up for something I'm not getting in real life? Posting or tweeting to 500 "friends" just isn't the same as venting to your nearest and dearest. Online isn't easier to interpret things as we wish them to be and avoid. In tough times, yu need a supportive friend who can offer real advice, even advice that you might not want to hear. 

 2) Am I really sharing? Pretend that you are writing a letter to a friend. Don't they deserve more then a "TPS report. And would you berate her for not being brave enough to sharing her bra size for breast cancer research. (if you truly care about an issue "like" an organization that supports it on Facebook) 

 3) Would I tell Matt Lauer on Today? No? Well then reconsider. Wait a little bit before you push the post button. Write it and then leave it for five minutes. Then come back to it re-read it and if it still makes since and you feel strongly about sharing it then hit the post button! Just remember the note rent is not wrote in's written in ink!

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