Sunday, November 14, 2010

Geeked out at WordCampMSP!

I have to tell you that this was the most AWESOME seminaer I have ever, ever been too!!! I was surrounded my so many Geeks it was the BEST! I may be the biggest Geek in my house but I felt pretty UnderGeeked at WORDCAMPMSP. I am so proud to have been among Minnesota’s most brilliant WordPress Guru’s!!

So WordCampMSP was at Best Buy HeadQuarters. What an awesome place. I have always wanted to go there and check it out. Well I was so lucky to to so! They have some AWESOME stuff inside.

The Charles Schulz Peanut Statue’s:                                             Guns N Rose Chinese Record:

They also have a employee lounge that has a pool table, WII, Xbox, Foosball table and PlayStation! There are several meeting rooms. They are named after places in the Twin Cites: Calhoun, Harriet, Minnetonka and the Best is the Theater. To be able to watch all the new DVD’s or have Apple come and present the new IPhone at WOW is all that I have to say! It rocks! The also have a fitness center and a really cool lunchroom “Sandy’s Place”. It house all us Geeks for lunch that was provided by BUCCA-my Favorite restaurant!

I have to say my best find was this awesome Original ARATI:

Hello who wouldn’t want to work here!!!

Now onto WordCamp. It was the best $30 that I have ever spent! So very worth every penny. So many awesome presenters, and so many different tracks to choose from and a schedule plum pull of things that I didn’t get to attend. I wish I would have gotten to go to them all!!!

The first class I attended was Customizing WordPress from the Inside out-with Josh Byers. There were things that I have to admit were abit over my head, but I am so glad that I went. Josh referenced Avatar-cool to some Geeks but I don’t have time to watch movies or TV. To busy trying to balance work, family and Freelance! My free time is spent learning WordPress, attending these awesome seminars and learning more Social Media!!!! Ok back to the class-Josh was very easy to follow and he showed us some great tips on how to customize WordPress. I will definitely be going to his blog, printing out his presentation and coping that code!!!

My favorites Presenter was Robert Dempsey. He presented ” How to Turn Your Bsiness into a Media Powerhouse”. Not to Quote my Tweet but ” wordcampmsp Word Camp MSP A one man media powerhouse! RT @onegirlideas: #wordcampmsp @Lifeofthefreehe really knows that he’s talking about.” I hope to connect with him soon. I really think he is a genius, and he is such an inspiration. I’m hoping he can help me get to where I want as a Freelancer!

I also met up with Lauri Flaquer , Thanks to Mary Mcdonald from ClearFocus Marketing. Mary is a wonderful friend and best company to work!

I sat with a great lady Reanne Vilen who volunteers for “Meal on Wheels” she was so nice to let me sit with her and we chatted about several different topics.

In closing I had such a wonderful time at WordCampMSP! I would recommend it to everyone. You can count this “One Girl Ideas” to attend again next year.

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