Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 09 - 30 Days of Truth...Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

For me this topic goes back to day 4 of this 30 Days of Truth.  The person I had mentioned in that post is now my sister in law and was for quite sometime my Best Friend.  We did allot of things together.  Just like Best Friends do, until she started dating my Brother in Law and then we just kinda drifted apart.  She got busy with him and his kids and that became her life and there really was not a place for me in it any more.  I know I am partly to blame because I got  busy with my business and was trying to balance running the Tanning Salon and taking care of my family.  I did try on several occasions to include her on things and she did also try her best to include me to but we just got busy and drifted apart.  

I'm sure your wondering how in the Hell can you drift apart from someone who is part of your family? Well its quite easy really.  We don't do allot with my husbands family and former Best Friend does.  My Mother in law loves her and as you know from the last post that she does not love me.  So we are really two different people now and both are happy with the way our life's have turned out.  

I really do miss her and wish it could be like it used to be, but life changed and things happened and at least I still get to see her every once in awhile and we can put what happened in the past in the past and we try to move into the future with out it bothering us.  


  1. I bet that you could easily mend that relationship. All it would take is a simple phone call and the two of you would pick up where you left off like it was nothing!

  2. I'm sorry that you guys have drifted. It is so common... Do you have a best friend that has filled that gap? Basically, do you mourn the loss of the relationship because you don't have things in common any more? Or because you have a need for a friend that she used to fill? Or maybe even both?

  3. I wish it was as easy as phone call. We have tried to work it out but I have just decided to let it go and move on with a new relationship between us. I guess you could say I mourning the loss of the relationship because it can never be like it used to. One thing I learned out this relationship was that My husband is my Best Friend, and have learned to take things at face value and never expect more of anymore then what they can give you.