Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 02 — 30 Days of Truth....Something you love about yourself!

This one if tuff.  Its hard to tell people what you like or dislike about yourself.

I guess what I like most about myself is My Caring Nature:  I care more about the people in my life then about what happens to me.  I'm one to focus on everyone else then take care of me.  I live for it.

I also love what a good parent I am.  I'm not one to toot my own horn and I usually don't, so when I get complements on things I do it means allot to me.  I'm proud of the son I raise and the man he is turning into.  I love that he has feelings and that he shares them with me.  I love that he is so independent and can do anything he sets his heart to. And that is what I love most about myself.  Is that I have the worlds best son.

I also love how I have made my husband Love.  He came from a big farm family that really didn't know the meaning of Love.  He has changed over the l9 years and can now actually say the word Love, fell Love and give Love.  I might not be the only reason why he can Love but I sure know I am one of the two reasons why.


  1. NICE! I think it's perfectly okay to toot your own horn as a good parent.

  2. I'm sorry.... I'm just catching up!

    Not many people can say that they're a great parent and actually mean it! I'm not one of them! I have moments of greatness though! LOL!