Wednesday, April 13, 2011

:Behind the Blogger: Day ~8 Short term goals for this month and why

I have a few Short Term Goals for this month! 

:Spring Cleaning: One room at a time, I have started to clean the entire house each weekend.  When I mean clean I mean clean. Like take everything down scrub, wash, dust rearrange 

The Bathroom was the first, and last weekend I did the Kitchen. Next up is the upstairs Living room.  One room at a time it will get done!

:Budget: With the Gas Price on the rise and no having to pay for Health Insurance I need to figure out a Family Budget. I need to figure out where I can cut from.  Our family has not been on a budget since 2001 when I was laid off for a year. I said I would never put us back on one.  Why should I have too, we both work. But like I said life is getting way to expensive and somethings gotta give.

:Camping Schedule: I need to make reservations for camping this year.  This is one thing we are not going to give up even though it will cost us more in Gas this is one thing our family enjoys doing together and I'm simply not willing to give it up!

:Scrapbook: I would like to get some scrapping done this month.  Get caught up on the camping and Ty's school scrapbook and start a new album from our trip to Colorado.

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  1. Sounds like you have quite a few goals for the month. Want to come clean my house? Our big cleaning gets done when we are having out of town company.
    Do you guys stick to MN when camping or travel around?
    The budget thing does not sound fun.