Friday, April 8, 2011

:Behind the Blogger: Day 3~A picture of you and your friends

This is me and My Best Friend Carrie! Yes we both have the same name, but they are spelled differently.  We call ourself the Evil Twins.  Friends so Good We're Evil! We are also the Ying and the Yang.  No Really we both have matching tattoos!

These are my Friends From High School
Back Row: Tracy, Jenny, Becky, Raquel, Me and Megan
Front Row: Loretta and Brenda

These are my MN Blog Pantry Friends!


  1. Great pics! Where in MN are you? So exciting that you were on the news!

  2. I think I should have shaken my head one more time for that photo... hee hee!! :)

  3. expatmamaintoronto: Rural Hutchinson!

    Carrie: Told ya so! ;-)

  4. About your comment on my post, Caryn and Sarah don't know each other. Sarah moved from my hometown and then Caryn moved to town. N and Caryn are just as close as I am with her.