Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Dog wear's Diapers!

My dog wears Pull-Ups-yes I said Pull-Ups.  You know the ones that are extra large and made for older children when they have accidents at night. The official name brand is Good Nights I have found that they work the best for her when she is in heat.  The traditional dogie diaper does not work for her-since her lack of any sort of tail.  But we have designed a great system.  It includes, 2 bungee cords and a harness.  You hook the bungees around the sides of the Pull-Up and hook it to the harness.  They stay up and protect against accidents. 

Well last night I found out exactly how much those Pull-Ups can handle.  

She usually sleeps threw the night but has the occasional "Mom get your butt out of bed cuz I gotta pee" in the middle of the night.  Well last night she woke me up, I stumbled to the kitchen to let her out and sat down on my chair at the kitchen table and laid my head on the table to wait for her to come back in.  I fall back asleep just a little when I here her run up the stairs on the deck.  I sit up in my chair and make my way to the door.  As I open the door my eyes come into focus and shock sets in.  "OH MY GOD! I FORGOT TO TAKE OF HER DIAPER!" I let her in and now totally awake and not wanting to see what surprises she left me take her Pull-Up off to find not just #1 but #2 also! OMG the last thing I wanted to do at midnight!

You could tell she was embarrassed.  I tried to tell her it was OK but she would not listen.  I told her to sit and stay while I tried to figure out what to do with the contents of Pull-Up.  I tell her to stay  again and go to the bathroom to dispose of the #2.  Thank GOD it was firm and not runny!  I come back to the kitchen to find that she was not there anymore.  I start to yell "Diesel, where are you?" I guess a little to loud and a few to many times cuz from our bedroom my Husband says "She's in here" UGH! NO she can't be in our room on the carpet before I get to wash her!  

I drag her from our bedroom and I mean drag, she was so embarrassed she wanted noting to do with me.  I get her to the bathroom where I get a wash cloth out and start to clean her up. 

15 minutes later we have a clean dog, a new Pull-up on and I'm back in bed.

Clearly I was not awake......

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  1. Awww, what a funny yet cute story. It sounds like your dog is quite pampered :D