Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet my new iPad 2!

After such a long wait Apple finally announced that the iPad 2 would be available Friday March 11th at 5pm!  When I saw the email I could not believe my eyes, yes the iPad 2 is coming and it has a cover and it comes in Orange!!! Oh My Oh My!!!! I was ecstatic!  

Now do I brave the lines at the Apple Store at MOA or order one online?

I was set to order one online until I found out that Best Buy was going to unveil the iPad 2 also!  Yippee!  But was my Local Small Town Best Buy going to have any?

So I waited until Friday morning to make my decision.  I got my email about 6am on Friday saying that you could order your new iPad 2 online.  I went online and it said it was available in 5-7 days.  Then I Goggled the number to my local Best Buy Store.  I found the number and waited until 10am when they opened and called to see if they were going to have any iPad 2's!  They said they would but would not tell me how many and told me that they would start handing out tickets at 5pm.  Still not too sure if I wanted to get one right away or order one. Plus Apple was offering free engraving.  How cool would it be to have my new iPad sport "One Girl With Some Big Ideas" on the back?  

I logged back onto the Apple site and now the iPad was back-ordered 2-3 weeks! AUGH!  I decided to take my chances and go to Best Buy. Besides there are only like 20 Geeks here in Hutch and 5 of them already have the old iPad, 5  of them can't afford it cuz they just bought themselves the new MacBook Pro and there has to be at least 10 iPad available for the rest of us Geeks that have been patiently waiting its arrival! So I decided to take my chances!

I arrived at Best Buy about 4:40pm.  The guy at the door greeted me and asked me if I wanted the current flyer.  I said no and before I could ask he says "Your here for the iPad 2 unveil" I shook my head yes and he said "Over behind laptops there is a guy handing out tickets, and there is a line" I said "Thanks" and hurried over.  Jaydon-our neighbor boy was handing out the tickets.  He said to me "All I have left is a White 16gb" I shrugged and said "No Black" he said "No" but why don't you want a white one.  I said I'll take it!

So I took my place inline and started to chat with the people in-front of me.  We made casual conversation about how much we all wanted the new iPad to pass the time.  Then a Geek Squad Agent brought out a black tote and the Manager took the first person!  I was getting excited, just 7 more people and it was my turn!  

I was listening to every conversation, so I could find out why and was going on.  I was trying to get a good look at the accessories too.  I could see the blue, pink, and green cover. But wear was the Orange one?  It had to be there.

I was next, I could hardly stand it.  Then Jaydon came over and took over!  I guess he wanted to be the one to sell me everything.  I can't blame him. I quickly scanned the table-no Orange cover to be seen.  I asked Jaydon where it was?  He asked the manager to take a look and they called the back and they didn't get any!!! UGG! my heart broke!  I really wanted the Orange cover. I settled on the Green one and Jaydon promised me that I could return the Green Cover and exchange it for the Orange when they got some in.  

So without further ado.....Introducing my New Ipad 2!


  1. I'm still waiting on my ipad2... I was up ad down all night checking to see when it would go on sale. I had my boyfriend call and wake me up at 12am. Nothing yet.... well I passed out and there was no waking me up then. At 5:25am I woke up and was scared I was to late. Well living in nc they hadn't been on sale to long and got one with a 3-5day shipping well it is Tuesday and it still hasn't shipped out...

  2. Jackie: I try! ;-)

    Jeannie: I hope you get your soon! You'll love it!

    Stephanie: I was Jealous of everyone else that had one too! Now I know exactly why everyone was getting one! They ROCK!