Friday, March 11, 2011

I Miss the Boys....

There is this group of Boys that I really, really miss.  See they were always my friends and quite honestly I owe my husband so much for introducing me to this group.  

In High school my hubby hung out with a group of guys that I would not trade for the world. They were the bad, boys you know the ones that always got into trouble, didn't really participate in sports and hung out in each others garages, barns or fields.  You know the type, the guys that every girl wanted but never cold have because quite honestly "Beer" was more important to them then any girl ever would or could be.  

Well that all changed the day my hubs brought me along to a field party.  The boy's all gave him a hard time that he spent so much time with me and one of them even said "Why do you want a Girlfriend? We have Beer?"  They all gave me a really hard time and were not that nice to me in the beginning.  But like most I grew on them, plus I proved to all of them that Girls could be fun and drink just as much as they could and party just as hard as they could and the one thing that all of them will tell you I gave to each of them that they couldn't for each other was the "Motherly Caring Nature" yep I took care of each and every one of them.  Whether I was cleaning them up from an accident, putting them to bed after they passed out of just being there for them when one of them had their heart broken to listen to , I was there for them and in return I got inducted into the All Guys Group!

There were other girls that came and went but I have always been there.  Its funny how they would treat me and the other girls differtnly.  They would be talking smack with the worst sailor mouth and then some girl would come around and they would do a 360, they were polite, not a curse word would come from their lips! I had a hard time holding back the laughter most of the time.  I would laugh and give them that look and they would give me the look back of "SHUT UP, or I'm gonna HURT YOU!" though they never would.  In fact they protected me like I was one of them,or maybe even the little sister.

Over the years we have all gone our different directions. We don't get to see each other like we used to.  But the minute you get us all back into one room together its like we all saw each other yesterday.  Laughter, hugs, joking and remembering the old days over a few beers.

I miss my boys and think of all of them often.  What I wouldn't do for one more all night party at the Shimo House!


  1. Love old memories like that!

  2. Thanks, I really miss the boys. Had a dream the other night about all of them. Thats what inspired the post. Wish they could all come home for a visit and get the gang back together.

  3. I love memories like that. I have many and am making even more. I don't know what I'm gonna do if I ever lose my boys :'(
    I hope you can get back together eventually

  4. Its hard, but know that you never really loose them! They are always there ;-)