Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tomboy Strugles

I have always been a TomBoy-preferred hanging out with the boys and getting dirty then spending a day in the mall shopping.  But as I have gotten older I find that thou I still love climbing to the top of a hill on my snowmobile or driving around a boy that's stuck in the mud just cuz I have to prove to him that I can drive my 4wheeler better then he can; that I really like making soap, going shoe shopping, getting my hair done, waring a dress every once in a while or having coffee at the local shop with my Best Girl Friend!

I have changed over the years and I think my husband is the one that struggles with it the most.  See he married his best buddy and when his best buddy comes home all dolled up looking like a million bucks he does not know now to act-which on most days frustrates me! 

My hubby is my best friend and I enjoy everything we do together. From cutting wood to sitting in the hot tub and I believe he enjoys those things just as much. 

So this is my rant. If I do all those things why can't he try to do one girl thing with me? Is is just not possible for a guy to go to a coffee shop, sit for hours and just chat?  Instead he would prefer I make us a mocha, and we sit on the deck for 5 minutes while he downs his and I have only taken on sip out of mine.  Maybe its is go-get-em attitude or a dose of ADD!  Its not like I'm asking him to join me on a day shopping spree filled with shoes, craft stores and speciality shops! In fact its much nicer to not have him join me in a day filled with shopping.  If I could fine one thing that is not too Girly but something that is definitely not boy related for him to try-why couldn't he just try it try it once- just for me.

I guess we tried that once.  I made him go to a play with me.  I made him see "A Christmas Carol" the scrooge himself.  He did have stipulations put on it though as usual.  These consisted with-you can't spend allot of money on it-you can't get mad at me if I don't like it-you cant make me wear a tie and the list went on and on and on.  When I finally met all the stipulations he agreed to go.  He ended up liking it and thought that it was kinda cool-but when I asked if we could do it again his answer was maybe. AUGH!!!!  Why does he put up such a buck, if I would do that when he asks me to cut wood or go to Northern and walk around for 15 minutes looking a stupid tools and not complain he would just call me a Bitch or ask me why I have to be such a grump-just because I don't want to do something he wants to do.

I think I do what he wants so we don't fight or argue or cause a scene or make him upset.  I just go with it.  Why can't he just go with it every once in a while?

Is asking my hubby to do something Girly or something out of his element to much?

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