Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dust'n off the FARVE Jersey

Well it looks like my investment last year of the $20 PINK "FARVE" Jersey is gonna get its money worth.  According to Jay Glazer from fox sports FARVE is gonna wear the Purple and Gold again this year!

My outfit is totally cute!!! I pair it with the "Make A Pass" shorts or my Favorite's Holy Jeans-momma's got her Sunday outfit picked out for the next 4-5 months!

BTW-my kid "HATES" my shorts! My Hubby on the other had "LOVES" them!

I'm not the biggest sports fan-well I guess my family would tell you different-especially my dog Diesel! She gives me the strangest looks when I yell at the  TV when the Viks are down or doing something stupid or I want a touch down! I guess I have also become more of a football fan since my son started playing.  I actually know whats going on and can follow the game, then the season ends and I forget everything I learned and its starts all over again in Fall!!!

I have to say I could live without the Drama that the Media provokes.  If it weren't for them,  Farve wouldn't be such a "Drama King"

So this momma Farve Fan has high hope for a Superbowl visit, and Sundays full on Awesome Football food and my Super Sunday Football Outfit!


  1. eheh! I bet your husband hates those shorts indeed!!
    But otherwise? Totally cute :)

  2. haha my kids would die if I were shorts that said that, not to mention my 13 year old would say, "Mom those are too short for you." I think the outfit looks cute though.


    another SITS girl