Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Diesel's Top 10 Favorite Things:

Okay, today was a stretch.  I couldn't come up with 10 fun things I did this last week, so I thought up 10 things my dog Diesel loves!

Diesel's To Top 10!

1. A ride in the Buick  on the 4 wheeler, in her Bike Trailer or just going for a ride on/in anything
2. Her Blanket
3. Camping

4. Ice Cream
5. Her pool
6.Sleeping all day long on the couch wrapped up in her blanket.

7.Running threw her "RIT TRAINING" cube then attaching Moose after she goes threw it.
8. Sitting under my desk when I work in my office
Photo Update: Worked at home 1/2 day with my office buddy! Had to share a picture.

9. Watching Days of our Life's with me.  We sit on the couch, she sits on me -we cuddle and watch days.
10. Getting to sleep in the Big Bed, and cuddle with us.

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