Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Day in the life of One Girl Ideas

A Day in the Life of a OneGirlIdeas–  Wife, Bookkeeper, whatever needs to be done today!
Today I thought I would give you a glimpse into a "Typical" (if there is such a thing) day for me.

5:35am– Alarm goes off, I roll over and hit the snooze button...Lord please Give me 10 more minutes to sleep, please don't wake my Husband up so I can enjoy the next 10 minutes!

5:45am-get my ass out of bed, either I got 10 more minutes of sleep or my husband has groped, touched or felt every part of my body and has me in such a bad mood that I angerly get out of bed and grumble to the bathroom to shower. 

6am-if I am lucky I have made it to the bathroom with out my husband getting there first.  If not I'm headed to the living room to give Diesel a pet.

6:05am-Shower time!

6:15am-throw a load of laundry in the wash and move one to the dryer.

6:20am-get dressed

6:30am-check email, facebook and twitter

6:45am: Head out the door for work

7am: Stop at my favorite coffee shop The RoadHouse Coffee Shop and grab a cup of my signature mocha The Buckskin-really they create this just for me.  I got it everyday and they put it on the menu its now one of their top sellers!  Think I go there too much? NA!!

7:20am-arrive at work

3:30pm-time to get on with my motherly/wife duties.  Run errands, drive the kid to football, or anything else that needs to be done.

6 or 7pm: round everyone up for dinner

7-9pm: blog, balance checkbook, pay bills, fill out every ones paperwork, check on kids grades, help with homework if I can, switch the laundry, vacuum, clean,get caught up on the latest trends in markeing, work on customer websites, watch TV with the family if there is time.

9pm: Hot Tub Time with the Hubby: if everything gets done then there is time for momma to get out and soak her worries away with the hubby.  Sometimes he goes out there himself.

9:30pm: Check my email, facebook and twitter one more time before I hit the hay.

10pm: Head to the bedroom where the hubby is either snoring or waiting to finish what he started in the morning.

So there you have it, a crazy day in the life of One Girl Ideas. I'm busy running with or for my family day in day out and I would not have it any other way. I love my life even if I complain about it every once in a while. It's not always easy or pretty, but I'm doing the best I can and enjoying every minute of it (well, mostly).

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  1. Your life sounds very familiar! Minus the hot tub. ;)