Friday, August 13, 2010

Minnesota’s most Resilient Mud Racer

Last night we went to the Carver County Fair where my Son and the Brown Headed Step Child (BHSC) were to participate in the Motokazie Supercross . The BHSC races on a consistent basis, his real family is Rath Racing they all race 4wheelers across the USA and are based in Hutchinson, MN. The BHSC has been trying to get my son to race his pit bike at the fair almost the entire summer. He really didn’t decide until yesterday afternoon that he was going to race. Which is normal, and totally bugs the crap out of the Hubby! Me I'm just the supportive mom and just get excited that he wants to do something and that I get to support him. So sense I have to work all day long that meant that everything I had to do would be rushed to get him to the fair on time. He needed numbers for his pit bike, and the cats needed food. So I had to run to Hutch after work to pick everything up.

Go figure nothing was going my way, the boss decided to have a heated discussion about ½ hour before it was time to leave and there was no way I was getting out of that! So running behind I was trying to think of a store that would have everything that I needed. Number, cat food, white t-shirts, sharpies…yep Menard's! One stop and I had it all!!!! Now to get home, change, grab the kid and wait for the Red Headed Step Child(RHSC)-he had boots and gloves for my son to wear.

So in a whirlwind I gather everything I need and encourage my son to do the same. The RHSC arrives, we through all the stuff in the truck and head out! On the way we remember some things that we forgot and call the hubby to grab them before he heads over.

The cyclone that I created at home must have followed us to the fair. The BHSC was already there and greeted us as we parked. He was all in a tizzy and barking orders. Of course the kids were listen to him instead of the mom cuz what does she know anyways. I got Ty to the race check in trailer while the RHSC and the BHSC unloaded the bike.

While Ty was figuring out where and what he had to do I broke out the shirts and the sharpies and started creating!

Not bad if I do say so myself….Surprising what you can do with sharpies!

As everyone arrived we made our way to the pits to find the kids and figure out the schedule.

Us fans made our way to the stands.

The weather didn’t look good and they said that Carver County was under a tornado watch. They said they would run the race until the weather got bad.

I think they got to race 11 out of 22 and the rain started; we made our way to the cattle barn to wait out the rain.

After it cleared up they decided to just race one heat and from there that would be it.

The pit bike race was the last one of the night, as it approached I got nervous, and full of anticipation. Was he really gonna race?

And they were off, he went off the starting line on one wheel, popping a Willey and in second place! He made it threw the roundabout and his bike slid out from under him, the bike and some other guy were on top of him!!!! He got up and got his bike started and made it over the hoops…..then he went into the corner and got stuck and fell over again, he got Back up and kept going. This continued several time until all 10 laps were complete! Even though he didn’t win he had fun and that’s what matters. He had such determination. If it would have been me out there I would have quit after the first time I wiped it!

I am so proud of him!


My friend named Ty “Minnesota’s most Resilient Mud Racer” I have to agree and from this point on that’s what we will call him!
My Son.......My Hero!


  1. oh wow, I would have been biting my nails the whole time, scared he might hurt himself. Do you ever get a little scared when he's on the bike?

    It's great that you encourage him and give him your support.

  2. Oh yeah, I was nervous. But if you get to worried then he gets worried and thats when somthing goes wrong.

    Thanks! I try being the best mom I can be! Its easy when I have such a great son!