Friday, July 20, 2012

My Summer Song Mix

Every summer I seem to fall in Love with a new song this summer my mix tape contains the following:

Little Big Town: Pontoon.  My families not sure why I like this song because I don't like the water and really when they say "don't act like you don't want to" referring to jumping of the back.  I really don't want to I have a huge fear of water and drowning and never, ever jump into water.  

Then you have Dierks Bentley: 5-1-5-0.  This song video reminds me of the good ole days when me and boys would go mudden and also when we went to this awesome mud resort in wisconsin where they actually had a mud pit exactly like this and driven through it with my 4 wheeler!

Then you have Tim McGraw's new Truck ya.  This kind of explains itself!

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