Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Quiz About Me - #MAQM a great Meme for Mondays!

Acting Balanced

1. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

-I'm a Chicken lover for Pizza Toppings.  Chicken, Bacon, Ranch are my favs. Or BBQ Chicken.  But I have really come to love Dominos Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie  

2. What is the strangest name you've ever heard for a child?

-Maybe I'm just small town and everyone I know has named their child something normal.  I do know my son is happy that I didn't name him "Shine".  

3. What is the best vacation you've ever gone on?

-I would have to say the best vacation I even have been on was when I was in 7th grade and my grandparents took me to Hawaii.  We did every thing possible.  From the Pineapple Factory, to Waimea Bay and Pearl Harbor.  

4. What is your favorite quick summer meal?

-Pork Burgers on the Grill!

Bonus Question:

Do you have a Woman Cave?

I just spent the weekend on an impromptu project, that I thought was going to be a woman cave but ended up bing the cutest addition to my kitchen.  As soon as its totally finished I will put up a blog post about it!  For now here's a sneak peek.


  1. My wife would object to me having a woman cave.

    1. HAHA~ Does she let you have a "Man Cave" ?

  2. I pretty much have the whole house as my woman cave. :)
    I would love to go to Pearl Harbor.

    1. How awesome is that! I try to incorporate myself into every room BUT i do live with boys and I try and think about them when I am decorating.