Friday, March 9, 2012

Liars and the Money Game

I dispose liars, really I hate them and what really irritates me is when I ask you straight and you still lie to me but have no ideas that I really know you are lying to me.  This just gets under my skin and I will never, ever trust you again.  

Ok, so you might wonder where this sudden outburst has come from.  Well let me tell you.  I currently have a few requiters working on getting me some new gigs and currently had an offer to interview at a company.  The recruiter was a bit less then honest with the pay rate and after I was cc'd on an email that was sent directly sent to the customer (employer requesting the position) showing the rate that they were charging them was more then double!

When confronted they backpedaled and said that they originally said starting pay was between $lower and $higher an hour.  You know I probably would have taken the lower pay just to get my foot in the door and dazzle them with my charm but it leaves a sour tasted in my mouth and really makes me think that no one cares about anyone else in this world beside themselves and making/taking more then they need and leaving you to hold the bad, let alone the way they got there-lying!

I know when I go to sleep each night that I can close my eyes and rest-I wonder if they can!


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