Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Quiz about Me...#MQAM

Acting Balanced

1. Finish this sentence - The last book I read and enjoyed was....
-The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy.  All three books.  You can read my review here

2. Do you have special Victoria Day (Canadian) or Memorial Day (US) traditions?  If you don't live in Canada or the US, what is the next holiday that you are celebrating where you are?

-we usually camp.  But this year the hubs has to work so it doesn't look like we will be going.  Last year we went to Lake Harriet. A place that my parents used to take me when I was a kid. My dad wanted to share the tradition & pass the old logging camp down to my son.

3. If you could invent something to make your life simpler, what would it be?

-if I could just hire a maid my life would be so much easier.  Then I could focus on everything else. 

4. What is your favorite recent blog post?

-My favoirtie is a series that I am currently working on that gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to try  CoolSculpting .

Bonus Question: What did you do this weekend?
The Hubs & I got to go out on the bike. We also cut & stacked wood.


  1. i celebrated two friends' birthdays, went to a parade, and had a farewell dinner as i'm moving next weekend!