Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to Monday Quiz About Me #MQAM #2

Acting Balanced

And now for this weeks Questions:

1. Finish this sentence - I dream of....

-Living in Colorado out in the Mountains.

2. If you could choose your last meal, what would it be?

-Chocolate everything!

3. What was your favorite toy as a child?

-My Barbie's!

4. What color looks best on you?

-I like light colors. 

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5. Are you a Football Fan?

-I most definitely am.  A true Minnesota Viking Fan. But I do like the Cheeseheads, only because Jon Hoese plays for them and they do have a nice stadium. Though I prefer HighSchool Football.  My son plays Full-back and I love watching him play!

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