Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome to the 64th edition of "Meet Me On Monday!"

1.  I keep putting off _________

-Cleaning the house.  

2.  What is your current weather?

-today its warm 64 and sunny with a few clouds in the sky and no wind! Wishing it was like this yesterday so the Hubs could have taken me for a Bike Ride!

3.  What is the nicest room in your house? 

-well, most of it is still in either the process of getting remodeled or still looks like it did when we moved in.  Right now I would have to say that the nicest room in our house is my office.  Minus a few more items on the walls, its complete! Though, its kinda messy!

4.  What jewelry do you never take off?

-my belly button ring, everything else comes off!

5.  Do you eat a snack before bed?

-Depends on  my mood, or if I'm hungry. 

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