Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Quiz about Me...#MQAM

Acting Balanced

1. Finish this sentence - The last movie I saw in the theater was...

-American Reunion.  The Hubs and I went to see it two weeks ago.  Thanks to the Dummer's for our Date Night Christmas Present! 

2. Do you have any idiosyncrasies?

-Oh I have a ton, mostly the ones that bug the crap out of the Hubs! Like volunteering him to to things he doesn't want to do. 

3. What is your favorite clothing store to shop at?

-For personal, weekend or really how I would love to dress everyday.  I like Running,yes Runnings the fleet store!  They have the best clothing lines.  CowGirl Tuff, CowGirl Up, Adtik!  

4. What fun things do you have planned for the week ahead?

-Saturday my BFF & I get to try out a new Sushi Restaurant in town!  

5. Did you go to Prom? If so how many times?

-I went 4 times.  Twice my Sophomore year, once with My Boy Friend to Waconia Prom and then with My Friend Edric to Watertown's Prom!  I don't like to talk about my junior years prom and my senior prom was spent with the Hubs!


  1. How was American Reunion? I was debating whether or not I wanted to see it.

  2. If you like all the other "American Pie" movies you will love this one! Kinda made it better because this August its my 20th class reunion!

  3. No prom for me. I felt very uncomfortable because I was getting more invitations to prom than I'd ever been asked out in high school. I'd tutored some really in trouble football players in tenth grade and I guess they meant to thank me in Junior year? I just know that I had no desire to go and all of the invitations kinda creeped me out.

    An evening with your BFF is always something great to look forward to!

  4. Oh I love Sushi! It's my favorite! No I never went to prom... not even once! :(