Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Son's Friends read my blog!

After a recent Facebook conversation (Documented on the Right) I found out that not only does my son read my blog but so do his friends.  

After this conversation it occurred to me that my audience is just not moms or my friends and family, apparently my reach is much broader then my friends and social community.  Let me tell you not only was I surprised but quit honored.  Can you believe it my son's friends actually read my blog.  After the entail coolness wore off fear set in.  OMG~what I have I wrote that might not sit to well with the younger crowd or what did I write that might have embarrassed my son. UGG!  What have I done!!! and now how am I supposed to have my own space without worrying that I might or might not write something inappropriate.  Then I though you know what Carrey....this is your blog and you have always wrote what you want, when you want so just calm down and chill and continue to do as you always have.  But there will be one change.  I still have to write a blog post about Blake because he really, really wants one! :-)


  1. Sometimes my kids read my blog. But I just tell it like it is, they are used to me now, and most of the stuff I write about is "like from the dark ages, you know"

    1. Very true and if I change it now they would think something was up! They also know I tell it like it is...