Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If I won the $250 Million Jackpot.....

The Husband told me to get a Lotto ticket this morning so now all I have been thinking about was what I would do with the $250 Million Dollar Jackpot....

First I would by my Dream House in Colorado.....(you can find some of my options here) Then I would send my boys to Mies Outland on a shopping spree to accessorize it.  You know fill it with toys like these:

Next I would by a plane, my son says we should by a Helicopter but we disagree on the type.  I want a decked out luxury jet and he wants a Huey.  Maybe I will just buy both and avoid the fight. 

Then I would by a place on an Island in the sun. Fully stocked and staffed with a waiter named Jose who will bring my BFF Carrie and I any drink we desire.  Plus it would be a place for us to escape....Did I mention I would give Carrie enough money to live on so she would not have to work anymore either and so she could come and play with me whenever she wanted!!! :-)

Then I would give the Endometriosis Foundation a million or so to help find a cure for the evil monster.  

I would of course make sure my parents were taken care of and that they could move to New Mexico or Southern Colorado like they want to.  And I would make sure my husbands father could finally retire and not have to worry about paying for medical bills.  

I would give the Dummer's enough to retire on so Darren could come and play in the snow with my boys and Eileen could just come and relax in my Mountain home and not have to worry about where Parker would go because there would be enough room in the house or guest house for them to stay as long as they wanted!

Then I would buy an advertising/marketing agency and give all my blogging/marketing friends great jobs where they all can work at home and do what they love without worrying about how the bills are going to get paid.

I'm sure I would do more but I think this is a great start....What would you do with $250 million?

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