Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Country Girl in the "BIG CITY"!!!

So yesterday I ventured to the "Big City" aka Minneapolis.  With my trusty GPS (Edna) plugged in I was confident that I could find my way to both my destinations.  First stop Minnetonka Moccasin.  Yep that would be right off of Hennepin Ave.  I'm not a huge fan of the Twin Cities or having to drive into it especially on a snowy day but for the type of business I'm in I find myself there on more occasions then I care to partake.  I would much rather work from the comfort of my office out in the sticks of Hutchinson~Yes thats like 50 mile west of Minneapolis. Anyways Edna (my trusty GPS) did not take me to the correct location.  On occasion she tends to do this,and believe me I tell her exactly how she makes me feel! Anyways, good thing I always leave early and had plenty of time to pull over, re-enter the address and get back on track.  I arrived in pleanty of time to find a place to park, check my email and tuck my pants into my boots so the snow would not get my pants wet.  BTW-the meeting went well.  

Next stop-The Creative Group located on Nicollet Mall.  I had been to that location a few times in my life shopping ~I'm assuming the last time I was there was 18 or more so years ago when I went to Rush's Bridal to buy my dream wedding dress that I only wore for 4 hours-but thats a different story. Anyways I got lost. Where in the HEDOUBLEHOCKEYSTICKS are you supposed to park in this stupid town.  I opted for the Target parking ramp and called to get directions from there.  Thank God I was only like one block away.  As I rode the elevator up to ground level all I could think about was "Should I take my iPhone out of the front pocket of my purse so if it gets jacked I still have that to call for help" yes as you can see I am very, very country.  I still get spooked and scared of all the stuff you hear about going on in the cities.  I took my phone out of my purse and put it into my coat pocket along with my keys, so my mind could stop worrying about how I would get home with no keys or cell phone.   

I arrive at the main entrance of Target and there was a security guard standing in the entry way.  As I walked past him I thought "Why are there always security guards at the doors? When I go to Target in Hutchinson there aren't any." I was running behind so I tied my scarf and pulled my hat down and ventured out into the cold and dismissed my thought and moved to "What was the name of that restaurant Nes mentioned?" Ugg! just walk forward Carrey, you will find the bank building.  As I walked past the restaurant there was the entrance of the bank building.  Thankful I hurried in and up to the 27th floor I went.  Really 27th floor and 3 sets of elevators? WHATINTHEHELL ok yes I am a hick, we don't have building in Hutchison 27 floors high, just as I was about to panic because the elevator seemed to be going 100 miles per hour it stopped and let me out.  I started to breathe again.   

My meeting was short and sweet and I was off to face the challenge of getting back home.  Down the elevator of death, back to Target, where I now saw that there were two more security guards just inside the door.  Nes had mentioned that if I spent $20 at Target that I would get free parking.  I had thought that maybe I would check it out to see the difference but as soon as I saw 2 more guards and another walking towards the door I thought to myself. "Nope not worth it, lets just go home."

Now to find my car, um what level did I park it in...oh yes, P1.  I found my way to "The Grandpa go Getter"(aka my car) and locked myself in.  Got out Edna and hit home.  Now to get out of here.  I paid my $5 and guessed what direction to head in.  I was right and as Edna acquired her signal & was just telling me what direction to turn next she lost here signal.  Panic set in, UGG how am I going to get home.  I though to myself.  Ok, just settle down you can do this.  Hennepin ave is not that far away and forsure you will be able to see signs to 94 or 394 soon. I missed one turn but was able to pick up another that was even better and took me straight to 394 or HWY 12 as us hicks call it!  At last, I am headed home.  

As I drove home,I reflected on my day.  As much as I love my career path there is no way in HELL that I would drive into the cities every day.  I guess I would much rather make half the wages to stay in the comfort of my home office and only travel to the "Big City" when needed.  

I wonder if the "City Folk" ever get scared in "The Hicks"?


  1. Well, I grew up in the sticks--was a real hick. Then I moved to Denver for college, then to Paris, France, now in Phoenix, with a stop in Sleepy Eye, MN (small town) along the way. I am directionally challenged, but with Garmin (my GPS) I am unstoppable. I love to drive in the country, the city not so much.

  2. I depend on Edna way to much when I;m in the cities. Now country driving,she gets all messed up and thinks it take 15 minutes to get 3 miles :-0 !!! When you were in MN did you ever get to Hutchinson?