Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday....One Girl Ideas behind the Fox 9 News Desk!

Monday I got to join The Blog Pantry and Trish Van Pilsum from Off Camera with Trish and Fox 9 Investigative Reporter.  In totally Carrey the Klutz Style I Knocked down the Mirror behind the desk after we got our picture taken.  So I thought I would get back up there and take have a picture taken with the Mirror I knocked over. Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard told me know that I knocked it over we will get a lot more snow! So its my fault that this snow won't stop!

Special "Thanks" to Darci from Gust Gab for taken my picture, to save this Classic "Carrey the Klutz" moment!

Stay tuned for a full post about the Event and My New Friends over at Minnesota Blog Pantry


  1. HA HA! At least it didn't break right! Could have been WAY worse! now THAT would have been embarrassing! Great to meet you IRL finally!

  2. Oh Yeah! I am so used to me doing stuff like that thou that it doesn't embarrass me anymore ;-) I'm so glad I got invited to be a part of this fun group and event! You all are such great woman! So awesome to connect IRL!