Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The MNBlog Pantry @ Fox9

A few months back I found a group of AWESOME Bloggers on Twitter.  #MnBlogPantry They RT-(ReTweeted for you nontwitter's) a plea I submitted to SITSGirls to bring #bloggingbootcamp to Minnesota, and Invited me to join them for their next event at Fox 9 with Off Camera with Trish.  Let me tell you I was more then excited to attend their awesome event.  

I was the second to arrive at Fox 9
Darci from Gust Gab was waiting in the lobby when I arrived.  

Trish was in the Promotion department scoring the AWESOME Ipod I won later in the evening for knowing when Fox started broadcasting on Channel 9.  (BTW-the answer is 1986)  

As the rest of the MN Blog Pantry arrived Trish took us to the conference room to enjoy all the goodies she had waiting for us.  Trish shops local and had found some tasty treat from  Golden Fig,  Patisserie Margo and other local shops.  

Then came the tour of the studio.  Trish showed us her office that she shares with the rest of the Invegestigative Reporters.  Along with the supers awesome Spy Camera. 

 Yes I said spy camera, how cool is that?!? Trish has to have one of the coolest jobs ever!

Then we went to the control room.  We found out that what once took 6 people to do now is controlled by 1 -3 people and is basically computer operated.  When there is a live show 3 people sit in the control room.  The prodcer, the camera man and This guy who runs the main board. 

Onto the studio via the newsroom where Jeff and Marni were working at their desks waiting for the new cast to start after the football game. 


We found Ian Leonard preparing his forecast in the studio.  He took some time and showed us the famous Green Screen, and talked about how everything is backwards in TV land and how you get used to it after you have been doing it for awhile.  He is truly one funny guy.  His sense of humor "On Air" is just the same "Off Air" 

We made our way back to the conference room, where we chatted and indulged in Trish's great spread.  Then the night ended up back in the studio to watch Jeff and Heidi live broadcast of the news.  We snuck in a quick picture during commercial break.  

Can't wait for the next even with the MN Blog Pantry!

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  1. It was so great to meet you in real life! I look forward to doing something again soon!