Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Santa

Some might argue that I'm a bit to old for a Christmas List; but I on the other hand would disagree.  First off I have never,ever lost my belief in you.  Even though my 15 year old tells me that there is not a Santa, he can't argue with me because I ask him "Then how did those Christmas presents wrapped in red paper and individually written in Black marker get under the tree?" He has no answer, and no choice to join me in the Christmas Spirit. So this year I thought that I would put my Christmas List on my blog so you would be sure to see it.
Dear Santa,
Its One Girl Ideas.  I have been extra good this year and totally in the clear of the naughty list!  I have made it to every one of my Son's football games, conferences, band concerts.  I get up extra early-(and you know how hard it is for me to do that) so I can take him to school.  I also pick him up from school.  I make sure we do his spelling words every night-even though it starts a fight.  I also have supported him and helped him grow this year. Challenging my patience at times- Its been a dooies.  I also have been at my husbands beck and call.  Running here and there on my Fridays off trying to gets everything done on the Honey Do list he creates for me.  So this year I would like some of the following to allow me to continue to be the perfect mom and wife.  
Feel free to improvise if you want.  No need to buy anything else then what I have listed-but I won't turn it down if you find anything else that you would think I would like or need.
Love Always and Forever,
One Girl Ideas 

1) Apple iPad-this would come in handy.  I know I have an Iphone and worked especially hard to get one but the iPad would be extra special.  Coming in handy when I attend those awesome Social Media/Marketing/Geek conference I so love to attend.  Then I could take notes, make lists and tweet about it all at the same time. Plus-I wouldn't have to spare my iPhone battery for the long drive home.  I could tweet all wanted! This would also be a great gadget to organize those To Do and Shopping lists.  It would also help me organize and attend all those events and football games and events.  *Notice the picture-the iPad includes GPS-I would never get lost and miss a game or conference.*
SlideHD 16GB | 4 hr2) Flip Video Camera- I need a new one before football season next year. My son is getting to be quit the player and I wouldn't want to miss a play. It would also be great for the band concerts. As you know the Hubby smashed the last one I got on clearance in the Buick's trunk and blamed it on me.  Even though it was clearly not my fault.  

3) Passes to all the awesome blogging/Social media/tech/geek conference that I would like to attend like: Blissdom 2011, Bloogy BootCamp OMS, blogworld, SobCon just to name a few...Feel free to choose the ones you think I would benefit from the most.  If you cant decide you can get me passes to all of them!!!
4) I need a new crock pot.  My boys told me that they would fix my old one but have not yet.  Its embarrassing to bring the one I have to the carb feeds.  One with a lid that has a handle would be perfect.  My friend @jackcross has asked for one too.  So if you would please bring us both one that would be great.  Then we can retire the old ones for soap making!
5) 3 Tickets to a MN Wild game.  I LOVE hockey-as you know, I switched to Directv because Dish stopped carrying FSN and momma gets a bit annoyed when she cant watch her Minnesota Wild! Our family has not yet gone to a game together.  The hubby and I have gone to one wild game and the USA womans hockey last year.  It would be awesome if I could take my son to the new stadium and experience it threw his eyes! *Note  3 throw back Hockey Jersey's would need to be included.*
6) Season passe's to any State park that we would like to camp at.  A MN DNR Gift Certificate would be cool too!  That way we can take both the Red-Headed, and Brown-Headed Step Children with and have extra money for me to buy them the awesome cookies they loved so much!!!
7) Family Membership to the local GYM. Lets just say with this Endro that I have gained a few pounds and the hubby had gained some sympathy weight to, and we wouldn't want our son to loose the muscles he has started to develop from Football.  Plus with the entire family having access we can work out together!


  1. I love this - I hope you get at least a few things on your Santa list.

  2. Me too! I'll let you know if I get anything.