Friday, September 17, 2010

#New Twitter

I'm an on again off again twitterier and I have to say that I am very surprised that I got to be in on one of the first releases of the #NewTwitter. 

I thought that I would have to wait, and wait and wait some more and then have to do something drastic to switch over.  Nope yesterday while tweeting to fellow SISTA @JackieCross about weather I was pushing my mom coolness if I went to the Volleyball game just to see my son play in the pep band? You know the important Tweets in life, I got a pop up.  I can't quite remember what it said but I clicked on it and all of a sudden I had #NEWTWITTER!

I was kinda confused at first because everything new is weird at first, but got used to it really quickly and have to say quoting on of my tweets last night "@ I'm using too! It ROCKS!!!"

I love it for many features but the ones that really stand out me so far are:

The Preview Plane: I love this no need to go to another tweeps page, it tells you who they are your conversations with them.


Oh and #hastag viewing SWEET!

I have to say with all this BUZZ and getting to be alone for the first to try this out I LOVE IT.  Will this make me an even bigger fan of  TWITTER-yeah probably.  Does it make it easier for this Geek Girl-yes, and do I fell the need to tweet about this-yep! 

Now will I use my laptop more or my IPhone?.....AUGH! When do I get the #newtwitter for IPhone?

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  1. It looks pretty cool!!! I use Tweetdeck all the time so that's probably why I don't get to use it yet! :(