Friday, September 17, 2010

Moms turn to "Grow Up"

So last week I had one of those moments that I'm sure all of you mom's with Teen-Age Boys have and realized that my son is no longer my Baby-Boy,anymore and has grown into this young man that girls are going to start looking at. 

As you know my son plays football-I think he likes it but I think he mainly plays it for me and his dad.  I have always been the mom that sits at practice and games and cheers him on from the sidelines.  I have watched him sense he was in the 4th grade, tackle, get tackled, drop the ball, catch the ball, get a first down and whatever he does I believe he does it well!

Last Friday was the second football game-but the first game after school started-in High School Tradition the boys wear their football Jerseys to school. 

For boys wearing their Jersey to school means being part of the team, being part of a group that sticks together, and getting the attention of all the girls and letting know that they are a football player.

For Girls-its finding out who is on the football team and which one is cuter and which one your gonna go after to be your Football Player.

Now when I was in High School being a Girl, and seeing those Football studs on Friday walk down the hall it gave me those goose bumps, it sent feelings threw my body and when one of those boys would look at me or talk to me WOW is all I can say.

As I drove my son to school, I kept looking at him in his game day Jersey, Blue Jean,Nike's, and smelling like the inside of the Hollister store and saying who is this kid sitting next to me?

Its one thing to see him on the field playing but there is just something about that Jersey paired with a pair of blue jeans.

Maybe is because all girls love to see the football players in their jerseys, but this time I didn't get those OMG he's hot feelings. My heart dropped and thought there are gonna be girls that look at my baby and say "OMG, He is so HOT!" I guess my thoughts are no longer on the hot football player but my baby being the hot football player and how he's gonna win the heart of some girl and momma will get replaced. No longer will he be my baby, he will be someones else's baby and I will have to share him. How does a mom learn to let go and share her baby?

I think that's what bothers me the most, is that I know how I felt when I saw all the dreamy football players in their game day jerseys. I know exactly what is going threw those girls heads! I know that he will come home and talk to me about the girls and share with me what's going on but the thought of him giving his heart away breaks mine! ;-( But what's a mom to do? I cant keep him under lock and key for the rest of his life. I have to let him go and learn that I have to watch from the sideline instead of being in the game all the time.

If you think about it Life is really like a football game, sometimes you play the entire game and sometimes you sit on the sidelines and wait your turn to go into the game. I guess its my time to wait on the sideline for my turn to play in his game,and be ready to go in when he needs me.


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  2. :::sigh::: I'm the mom of the Girl.

    Now, I do have a boy but he's only 8 months old right now and football is a long ways off (but he did go to his first game this past Friday!).

    My oldest is a freshman and while her boyfriend ::gulp:: yes, I said it... Boyfriend, doesn't play football they do like going to the games, cheering on their school and for the Boyfriend he's in the band (freshman have a separate band from the others) and band here is HUGE! If you're not in the band you're nobody!

    It's hard when they get older isn't it?

  3. Jackie-I think you and I could help each other enormously. I have the Teenage son and you have the teenage girl. Us moms gotta stick together and figure out just how our teenagers tick!

  4. My husband is dreaming of a baseball and football player with out 17 month old- I guess soon I'll be in your shoes.

  5. I have two girls and I hate thinking about them having crushes on boys- ack! Your son is adorable and I'm glad you are bracing yourself now for the onset of teenage girls knocking on your door. Thanks for linking up to The Little Hen House!